Some Disney Movie Favorites from @kleffnotes

Last year I did a Disney movie list because I was spending part of my holidays at in Orlando. This year while I’m not going to be in Disney World, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and thought I would share some additional movies that I love from the wonderful world of Disney. Continue reading “Some Disney Movie Favorites from @kleffnotes”

Up Movie Review from @KellySue3000

Hello and thank you for reading my inaugural post. My name is Kelly Sue and this week I will be reviewing one of my all time favorite movies, Up (2009). Everyone loves a good Pixar movie, right? This one does not disap-POINT. Continue reading “Up Movie Review from @KellySue3000”

A Bit for Basil: My Love of The Great Mouse Detective from @kleffnotes

Earlier this week I mentioned that I was doing some touristy things in Orlando and that I was going to try and do some slightly themed articles. While I did talk about Harry Potter I haven’t yet delved into anything specifically Disney related. Today I wanted to revisit one of my favorite Disney movies that I don’t think is as well known, The Great Mouse Detective. Continue reading “A Bit for Basil: My Love of The Great Mouse Detective from @kleffnotes”

BehindTheNerdyGirl: Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken by @erinwise82


I have a great love for Disney movies, just as a lot of people do. I always have. The first movie I ever saw in the theater was a Disney movie, so was the second. This episode of BehindTheNerdyGirl, I’m sharing with you the second movie I was lucky enough to see in the cinema. An incredibly remarkable true story of Sonora Webster, Diving Girl…..and her brave horse Lightening. (You’ll understand if you’ve seen the movie, if not WATCH IT!!) Continue reading “BehindTheNerdyGirl: Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken by @erinwise82”

Disney’s The Finest Hours on @Netflix via @erinwise82

Disney’s The Finest Hours is now streaming on Netflix. If you haven’t had the chance to see it, now would be a good time.

We’ve all grown up with their movies. We fall in love with their characters. Disney creates timeless classics.

When you see that Disney logo come across your screen, you know you’re about to watch magic. Continue reading “Disney’s The Finest Hours on @Netflix via @erinwise82”

Interview with @JohnKassir Voice of Elliot in @disneypetes via @erinwise82


Ever wonder what it’s like to be the voice behind some of the world’s most favorite and notable characters? I recently had the wonderful opportunity to chat with John Kassir, the voice of Elliot the dragon in Disney’s Pete’s Dragon, coming out Friday, August 12th.


Continue reading “Interview with @JohnKassir Voice of Elliot in @disneypetes via @erinwise82”

Part of Your World, Your Real Live Action World

Yesterday Twitter, the social media I’m on the most, blew up with news about a live action version of The Little Mermaid. As The Nerdy Girl Express’ resident mermaid, I do a mean hair flip and I sometimes sing, it became my duty to find out the facts. If you are a Disney fan you should check out what I found out. Continue reading “Part of Your World, Your Real Live Action World”