BehindTheNerdyGirl: Can’t I Get A Straight Out Comedy?? via @erinwise82

I’m not here to bitch……well, maybe just a little. Continue reading “BehindTheNerdyGirl: Can’t I Get A Straight Out Comedy?? via @erinwise82”

BehindTheNerdyGirl: Friday the 13th Traditions via @erinwise82

It’s Friday the 13th…..Jason wants to come out and play.

I’m a huge fan of creepy and weird. When Friday the 13th comes around, I get giddy. I even have Friday the 13th traditions……that I now include my children in on.
My kids you ask? Absolutely! They’re going to be weirdos just like me lol. Continue reading “BehindTheNerdyGirl: Friday the 13th Traditions via @erinwise82”

BehindTheNerdyGirl: Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken by @erinwise82


I have a great love for Disney movies, just as a lot of people do. I always have. The first movie I ever saw in the theater was a Disney movie, so was the second. This episode of BehindTheNerdyGirl, I’m sharing with you the second movie I was lucky enough to see in the cinema. An incredibly remarkable true story of Sonora Webster, Diving Girl…..and her brave horse Lightening. (You’ll understand if you’ve seen the movie, if not WATCH IT!!) Continue reading “BehindTheNerdyGirl: Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken by @erinwise82”

BehindTheNerdyGirl: Sleeping With The Enemy by @erinwise82

Sleeping with the Enemy
From comedy to horror, the 80’s and 90’s had a ton of movies that I just adore. Movies that withstand the tests of time. Plots that whisk us away to a whole new world. Actors that make us feel a part of the story laid out upon the screen.

The wonderful world of films…..and all the amazing people that create them.

On this BehindTheNerdyGirl, I shall tell the horrific yet inspiring tale of a film that so many women have had to endure in real life. A tale of fear and of hope and courage. Continue reading “BehindTheNerdyGirl: Sleeping With The Enemy by @erinwise82”

BehindTheNerdyGirl: My Thoughts on Titus via @erinwise82 @TitusNation @TotalZackWard @StacyKeach1


Who remembers Fox’s┬ádark comedy Titus starring none other than Christopher Titus?

Though there were often episodes that weren’t aired…..censorship……yea sometimes the show pushed a bit too far, it was one of my favorites. Continue reading “BehindTheNerdyGirl: My Thoughts on Titus via @erinwise82 @TitusNation @TotalZackWard @StacyKeach1”

BehindTheNerdyGirl: @DuskElRey Season 1 via @erinwise82


If you’re a fan of the film then you were probably like me and pretty excited when they announced they were making it a television show. Especially exciting when you’re a fan of Rodriguez and Tarantino. I was a little nervous to see new actors in these roles previously done by Clooney and Tarantino. Continue reading “BehindTheNerdyGirl: @DuskElRey Season 1 via @erinwise82”

BehindTheNerdyGirl: Idle Hands via @erinwise82 @DevonESawa @SethGreen @jessicaalba @MsVivicaFox

If you haven’t seen this devil-ious movie….where have you been???  Idle Hands are the Devil’s playthings….and teen stoner Anton learns this….well in this comedic horror film of awesomeness. Grab your popcorn and sit right back, it’s time for a tale … Continue reading BehindTheNerdyGirl: Idle Hands via @erinwise82 @DevonESawa @SethGreen @jessicaalba @MsVivicaFox