BehindTheNerdyGirl: Can’t I Get A Straight Out Comedy?? via @erinwise82

I’m not here to bitch……well, maybe just a little.

What is going on with comedies nowadays?

I’m not saying they aren’t funny anymore. They are….for the most part….But can I get a comedy without the “moral”?

Can’t we just have a few comedies out there that are just funny. From start to finish, no sappy crap, no moral of the story, just good old-fashioned laughing until your stomach hurts?

I don’t know how many times I’ve sat down, put on a comedy, and in-between the laughter I was brought down off my happy with some “real” situation thrown into the mix.

If I want morals, I’ll watch a drama. Just saying. Can we put the funny back in comedy…all the way through….

That or give me more spoofs…now those are hilarious.

Have any suggestions for me? Drop me a comment below or find me on Twitter @erinwise82

***Opinions are my own and do not reflect those of NGE.***

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