BehindTheNerdyGirl: Sleeping With The Enemy by @erinwise82

Sleeping with the Enemy
From comedy to horror, the 80’s and 90’s had a ton of movies that I just adore. Movies that withstand the tests of time. Plots that whisk us away to a whole new world. Actors that make us feel a part of the story laid out upon the screen.

The wonderful world of films…..and all the amazing people that create them.

On this BehindTheNerdyGirl, I shall tell the horrific yet inspiring tale of a film that so many women have had to endure in real life. A tale of fear and of hope and courage.

From the outside, Laura and Martin seem to have the perfect marriage. Martin, a well-established businessman, rich, powerful; Laura, his beautiful housewife. A beautiful home on the beach. On lookers envy their happiness.
Looks can be deceiving…
Behind closed doors, things are anything but happy. Laura lives in constant fear of her husband. His punishments were cruel and severe. She tried to leave once, he found her, brought her home, and beat her so bad she’d never try to leave again. He alienated her from the only family she had, as well as kept her from doing anything that would give her the chance to escape him. However, he did give her permission to work a couple days a week at the local library, to keep her “happy”.
One day Martin meets his new neighbor, who invites him and Laura on a evening boat ride along the coast, as the weather was going to be perfect. Knowing Laura didn’t know how to swim, Martin reluctantly agreed, while also learning this man has been to his house without him being home. He confronts Laura, meaning he smacked her down to the floor, about the man. She assures him, the neighbor was only there to introduce himself. At dinner, Laura agrees to join Martin and the neighbor on the boat. Martin promised she would be just fine, he would be right there with her. On the boat, a tale from Gillian’s Island happens….the weather started getting rough and the tiny boat was tossed…around. Laura is thrown from the boat. Martin panics, searching the waters for his wife. Calling in the coast guard was no help, all they found was her life jacket. Laura was lost to the ocean. Martin buried an empty coffin in memory of his beloved wife.

Unbeknownst to Martin, Laura had learned to swim at the local WYMCA, while she was suppose to be at the library. She had planned her escape, tucking away money and clothes. The boating trip was the perfect way out. She hid behind a buoy while her husband and others searched for her. She swam back to her house, which was a pretty good distance. She changed, grabbed her money and bag, erased every sign she was there that night, hopped on a bus and disappeared into the night.

That night Laura did, in fact, die….and Sara was born.

Sara arrives in a small town in Iowa, rents a nice little house, and begins to try to start over again. Not long after she moves into her new home, she meets her neighbor Ben, a drama teacher at the college in town. Through Ben, Sara gets a job at the library and they start dating. It doesn’t take long for Ben to figure out something bad has happened to Sara. She tells him everything, as well as confides in him that her mother is in a near by nursing home, though she’s afraid to go see her, fearing that Martin will find her. Ben helps disguise Sara so she can visit and she has the best time, feeling safer than she had in a long time.

Meanwhile, Martin makes a discovery leading him to believe Laura is not dead. Through some detective work, he tracks down her mother and confirms his suspicions. He also learns she is in a nearby town with a man who teaches dramatics at the local college. Tracking down Ben, Martin finds his wife and Ben together at a carnival and follows them home. After Ben is knocked out during a scuffle with Martin, Laura has to once again fight for her life….or die trying.

Sleeping With The Enemy stars Julia Roberts as Laura/Sara, Patrick Bergin as Martin, and Kevin Anderson as Ben.

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