Go Home @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

Go Home is a one shot comic from Alterna Comics. This piece by Dan Hill and Andrew Herbst examines the pressures of war on a young man’s mind.

William, our main character, has become stranded on an island after the destruction of the ship he was on in the year 1942. He is writing a letter to his father, even though the two have been very distant since the death of his mother. In his letter William is trying to work through and voice how the pressures of battle have changed his perceptions of the world. While he thought he was alone he finds three men on the island and in his paranoia he believes that they are the enemy. The story also shows the anti-Japanese dialogue going on within the United States during World War II.


Go Home is a very touching story that, while specifically focused on a soldier during World War II, examines how war changes the way that soldiers perceive the world around them. The art within this comic adds to the tension and unease of what William is going through. There are shadows and a darkness that begins to touch his very person. We also get to see the edits that he is making in the letter to his father and he tries to figure out just what to tell him. I could actually see this comic used within a history class room or as a way to explain war and a soldier’s mentality.


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