#RIPFlorenceHenderson America’s Favorite TV Mom via @stacyamiller85 #FlorenceHenderson

America’s favorite television mom, Florence Henderson has died.  She was 82.

I was sadden to learn of the passing of Florence Henderson.  She brought countless hours of happiness to my family and millions of others.

Florence Henderson was a multi-talented actress and singer who has appeared on television, film and theater  She was best known for her role as Carol Brady, America’s Favorite Television Mom, on The Brady Bunch.

While there are people who are watching The Brady Bunch via reruns on MeTV, I was fortunate to grow up during the time when The Brady Bunch was airing its new weekly episodes on Friday nights at 8:00PM on ABC.

My family and I would sit around our small 9″ Black and White Philco and enjoy the antics of the large family with the mom who always seemed to be able to handle every problem (and with a smile).  Carol Brady didn’t let anything upset or get her down, whether it was dealing with the popularity and romance troubles of her half dozen children or losing her voice before singing a solo for the church’s Christmas pageant.

Henderson had an amazing voice and has appeared on stage in such theater productions as Oklahoma, Carousel and The Sound of Music.

Florence Henderson appeared as a celebrity contestant on Dancing With The Stars and supported former television daughter Maureen McCormick when she appeared this season.


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