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Though this movie is now out on Blu-ray and DVD, this review will not be as spoilery as it could be. However, I wouldn’t exactly call it spoiler free either.
I have to say right off the bat, the film being dedicated to Anton Yelchin was beautiful. His character had a much larger role in this film, honestly it was a little hard to watch considering….but he was brilliant, as always, his talent far exceeding the screen. This movie and his role, his beautiful soul, will sit in my heart for a long long time to come. I will cherish the inspiration he gave me and others over his magnificent career. Thank you Anton.

With that said, let’s go Beyond.

The third installment of Star Trek had my jaw on the floor for the first 30-40 minutes. I literally could not close my mouth. I’m not even going to lie…there were tears too. quite a few of them actually. I really cannot believe how attached I have become to this cast as these characters. I forgot I was watching actors on a screen. I have always loved all the Star Treks, (yep I’m that weird trekkie that likes them all), and I really dug their special effects. This film seals my love even more. And one more thing, Greg Grunberg is really truly for serious, in EVERYTHING and I LOVE IT!


The Enterprise heads through a nebula on a rescue mission after an alien woman pleads for help for her crew….but is it ever that simple? Never. They are ambushed by an unfamiliar force that had my stomach in knots. Tears filled my eyes as I watched the crew prepare for a boarded attack while the Enterprise is being completely torn apart. I watched as Kirk brokenheartedly called for everyone abandon ship, knowing the attacking aliens were taking his crews as hostages from their escape pods. My heart sunk as I watched Uhura sacrifice herself to save Kirk. The tears overcame me as Kirk himself, abandoned ship.
The movie has barely started and the Enterprise is no more….

maxresdefault (4).jpg

The attacking force is led by this alien dude Krall, who’s looking for an artifact Kirk got from his last mission. Now why would Krall want this artifact? It’s part of a weapon. A weapon of such destruction, there’s no trace left of the victim. Krall is super pissed Kirk got away with it…..but did he really get away with it?


After abandoning ship, Kirk and the crew crash-land on a planet they have no idea about. Most of the crew, including Uhuru and Sulu, are captured by Krall and his death squad. Of course they missed a few…and Kirk will never leave his crew to die at the hands of that monster. Landing long side of Kirk was Chekov and the backstabbing alien woman who started this whole mess. The reason the Enterprise is destroyed. Oh how I loathe her character! I got kind of pissy when Kirk and Chekov didn’t take her out like as soon as they landed, but they used her to try to find the rest of the crew so I got over it. Plus karma’s a bitch, even on other planets.

On another area of the planet, Scotty lands by himself but quickly meets another who has also fallen from the sky. Jaylah agrees to help him if he helps her. She has a ship, that just so happens to be an old lost Federation ship, that needs to be fixed so she can leave that horrid planet. He needs help finding his crew and she’s been on the planet longer and knows it better. A win-win for them both.


McCoy and a very hurt Spock crash quite a way away from all the others. And after temporarily fixing Spock up, they go in search of everyone else. Luckily Kirk and Chekov find Scotty and Jaylah, who then track the Doc and Spock and beam them aboard Jaylah’s “house”. Wow that was super confusing, sorry y’all. After some talk, Jaylah agrees to help Kirk and the others find the rest of the crew, with the most awesome, fun, and crazy distraction scene ever. I mean, motorcycles are fun, but damn was that epically fun….even if people are shooting at you.
PS: Uhura, you are one badass woman. I’d fight by your side anyday……ya know if you were real and Star Trek existed….you know what I mean.


Krall escapes the planet with the weapon, as Scotty beams the crew 20 at a time to the “new” ship. With a few adjusts, the crew of the USS Enterprise get this old girl up off the planet in pursuit of that death-dealing Krall. With some Beastie Boys Sabotage, Kirk’s crew takes out Krall’s fighters….why oh why couldn’t they figure that out before the Enterprise was destroyed…..
Unfortunately, Krall made it onto an outpost he intended on using his weapon on. Now it’s up to Kirk and the crew to stop Krall before he unleashes a weapon that will literally destroy anything and everything in its path. Dun dun dun.
They acknowledged Leonard Nimoy’s death in this film, the words between Zach’s Spock and McCoy were very touching, very beautiful. I loved how they put the picture of the original cast in there as well. Very touching.

Kirk spoke some words towards the end of the film when speaking with Krall, I cannot get them out of my head. We have to change or we keep fighting the same battles. I like that. From a movie to real life, I like that.

Obviously I loved the film, otherwise this article would make more sense haha. This is what happens when I really dig a movie and I get super excited trying to talk or write about it. I still hope you guys enjoy my wacky article though.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Star Trek Beyond on Blu-ray and DVD now!

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