BehindTheNerdyGirl: @DuskElRey Season 1 via @erinwise82


If you’re a fan of the film then you were probably like me and pretty excited when they announced they were making it a television show. Especially exciting when you’re a fan of Rodriguez and Tarantino. I was a little nervous to see new actors in these roles previously done by Clooney and Tarantino.

As soon as I watched the first episode my nervousness disappeared. DJ Cotrona and Zane Holtz walked on-screen and it was like no one had ever played those characters before, no disrespect to the Clooney or Tarantino. I love how well these two men work together. It makes for some amazing TV.


It’s not only Cotrona and Holtz that grabbed my attention, but all the actors. I have to give a lot of credit to the casting department. I couldn’t imagine any other actors other than the ones in them currently. You’d think they’d all been working together all their lives. I love when shows have casts like that.

The first season is really awesome to me for the simple fact that it’s an extension of the film, keeping all the classic awesomeness that made the film so great. You’re getting more of the story. More detail. More background. It’s intense. I like knowing the characters as if I have been on their journey with them since day one…..before the cameras started rolling.


We start off with the Gecko brothers in the famous store scene, even keeping Richie getting shot through the hand. They did evolve the scene more, gave us a Texas Ranger that would become an important part of this ” dysfunctional family”. Richie’s “crazy” is so much more intense than the film. I really dig it. Holtz really impressed me with his performance. It can’t be easy to have scenes like that. Cotrona’s “I don’t want to start nothing but I will” Seth is perfect.


I was thrilled to see they kept the “Titty Twister”. I mean, it wouldn’t be From Dusk till Dawn without it…..though what you do to it Carlos really bummed me out. Had me sitting there saying “ah man” over and over.


I love love love Santanico Pandemonium!!!!!!!!!!! Eiza Gonzalez is absolutely beautiful and crazy talented. She plays creepy beautiful perfectly. After awhile it was like she was in my head as she was Richie’s. And when you get to the nitty-gritty of her, you can completely understand why she is the way she is, why she does what she does, why she is who she is. Eiza shows you emotions in her looks, in her eyes, in her voice even when her character is trying to hide it. Really, she is amazing.

Jake Busey, holy cow, his character is so out there and just…I don’t even know haha. But I dig him haha. With characters like his and actors like him, you always wonder what they’re like in real life. Like dude, Jake has got to be a blast to hang out with. I really need a DVD of nothing but bloopers of him from this show, please and thank you!


The series even has heartbreak, like between Kate and her father. But I’ll say no more on that, it truly is sad in such a crazy show.

I recommend checking it out if you haven’t. You can find it on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, online at the El Rey Network…’s around!
Season One was epic in my opinion.
Stay tuned for my thoughts on season two.

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