BehindTheNerdyGirl: Shadowhunters Season 2 Thoughts via @erinwise82

Shadowhunters Season 2 started a few weeks back and I, of course, have been glued to it. So much is happening and we all know there’s more to come.

Today, I’m talking about the last two episodes aired. (More about what happened to Jocelyn)

They were extremely difficult for me to watch, like ripping off a band-aid that’s not yet ready to come off.

Clary has lost her mother.

Having lost mine, in not the kindest of ways, I felt more for Clary than I ever have. Kat McNamara, hats off to you, the pain was…real. You displayed everything I felt, and I’m sure others have felt as well. A difficult task very well done. A difficult feeling Clary’s character will now forever carry with her, as that’s a pain that never goes away. (I hope the writers keep this in mind for ALL future episodes.)


Alec has some very hard times ahead, dealing with the fact he took Jocelyn’s life. Even when the realization hits, a demon was possessing his body, HE did not kill her, in the end her blood has stained his hands. That can be so incredibly frightening. But Alec…Alec can overcome anything.

On the plus side, Clary has found a new power and it will be fun exploring that with her.

I think what makes this show so good is how they incorporate so much real in this supernatural world. There’s so many…human elements, in every species presented. It’s like….no matter how different they are, they’re still the same, in a way….ya know.

Hmmm…seems like real life too……

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