Get Tangled Up In Fun With @FreeformTV Fun Day Weekend 7/18/20- 7/19/20 via @stacyamiller85 #FreeformFunday #Tangled #Jumanji #GnomeoJuliet #Brave #DespicableMe #PussInBoots #Hercules #Shrek #Cars3

Freeform’s Funday of family friendly movies airs all weekend on Saturday, July 18, 2020 and Sunday, July 19, 2020.

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The Spring Finale Hit Bristol Cove @SirenTV via @erinwise82

I stood silently with my hand cupped over my mouth for a solid ten minutes as the final moments of the Spring Finale passed over my screen.

I was shook to the core. I felt that deep in my soul.

This article contains spoilers.

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Interview with Curtis Lum ( @culu @SirenTV ) from @erinwise82

Appearing in Prison Break, Travelers, The Arrangement, and even Psych, Curtis Lum shows exactly why his multitude of talent has graced our screens more times than we have realized. He is currently starring on Freeform’s Siren, as Calvin, one of a few friends who caught a little something extra on their fishing boat. Not only does he get to play with mermaids, but he also gets to guest star on the CW’s Supergirl, helping Kara and the team take down bad guys all over National City.

Curtis Lum takes on a vast array of roles in a world where Asian actors are still few and far between. I can’t wait to follow this incredible man in his tremendously amazing career. Recently, I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Lum some questions about his adventures with mermaids and superheroes and more. Continue reading “Interview with Curtis Lum ( @culu @SirenTV ) from @erinwise82”