The Spring Finale Hit Bristol Cove @SirenTV via @erinwise82

I stood silently with my hand cupped over my mouth for a solid ten minutes as the final moments of the Spring Finale passed over my screen.

I was shook to the core. I felt that deep in my soul.

This article contains spoilers.

You’ve been warned.The night started off as any other “save our world” night. Everything was working out so perfect, so how did it go so, so wrong?

The Mer-Pack came together to finally set things right, get rid of the oil drill and send the merfolk back to the water. I don’t know where to begin, Ryn meeting the military via Nicole or Xander finally realizing Nicole isn’t who she said she was. Both were important bits of the story yet so minor with everything else that happened.

Helen took the mermaids to say goodbye to Rick, as they are all a part of one another. Rick and Eliza’s saying bye was like a tiny throat punch, choked you up just enough to mess you up. Helen’s wise words eased the pain…a bit.

Ryn, Maddie, and Ben saying goodbye was beautifully sad. The love they have, the love they share, is beyond magical. They are all interwoven together for eternity.

Lets get to the action packed craziness that transpired. With a plan of destroying the drill for good in motion the mermaids, Calvin, Ben, Maddie, and Xander took off in his boat heading towards the oil rig. Helen attends the gala to hold the fort down. Thank god she did, otherwise our merfolk would had been exposed because little did anyone know, there was a camera on the drill. Helen knew just who to call. Family can sure come in handy in sticky situations.

Ben and Maddie dive down and take care of their end of business then quickly head back to the gala to not raise any suspicions. Xander and Calvin set the mermaids up for their side of destroying the drill. After they go to work, Donna’s daughter Cami decides to take things into her own hands and get revenge on Xander for her mother’s murder. Unfortunately, this literally sparks a whole new world of trouble. As she swings an axe at Xander’s head, he ducks and she hits a hydraulic/gas line . He races to grabs a gun to protect himself, upon firing the boat immediately catches fire.

Below the surface, the mermaids manage their side of things but in the process we lose Sarge with a devasting blow. This soul crushing scene left me speechless. Sarge and Helen were so lovely together. I imagined him coming back and visiting her, them falling in love and living happily ever after….but my dreams will only be that because Freeform took my dear Sarge away.

So now the oil rig is destroyed with Ben’s dad knowing he had something to do with it, we’ve lost the best merman around, and Calvin and Xander are stuck on a boat engulfed in flames….and we got to wait until summer to see the outcome.

While we wait for the next part of the chapter we can always rewatch the season(s) on Freeform or Hulu.

You can catch Siren….next July. Follow them on Twitter @SirenTV

Drop comments or questions below or find me on Twitter @erinwise82


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