Shadowhunters is Back…via @erinwise82 (@ShadowhuntersTV)

Shadowhunters is back with season 3B, the final episodes. These first few episodes have set the tone for the end.
This article contains my thoughts and opinions with a ton of spoilers.
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Interview With Actress @_LisaBerry via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural #Shadowhunters


Lisa Berry is a dynamic actress who boasts numerous television credits. She has endeared herself to fans of The CW’s longest running show Supernatural as the Reaper Billie. Berry’s mesmerizing performances as Billie, a strong and enigmatic character that kept the Winchesters on their toes, has certainly enriched the Supernatural landscape. Soon Berry will add another popular show to her acting repertoire when she makes a guest appearance on Shadowhunters. I recently interviewed Lisa Berry. Read what she had to say below about Supernatural, Shadowhunters and how she wants to use her voice to inspire others.

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@ShadowhuntersTV Is An Incredible Adaptation Of @cassieclare ‘s Books via @erinwise82


A few years ago, one of my little sisters recommended The Mortal Instruments, after I was asking about a new series to dive into. By chapter two of the first book I was hooked. I couldn’t wait to finish it and begin the next. When I heard they were turning the books into a TV series I was beyond thrilled. Though the movie didn’t quite fulfill the greatness of the book, I was hopeful the television show would. This article is of my own opinion and not that of TheNerdyGirlExpress. Continue reading “@ShadowhuntersTV Is An Incredible Adaptation Of @cassieclare ‘s Books via @erinwise82”