Wishing @DynastyTVShow Alum Gordon Thomson Happy Birthday via @tdmiller820917 #ClassicDynasty

Today, March 2 is Gordon Thomson’s birthday.
In the Fall of 1982, I was a 17 year old high school senior. That fall the prime time soap Dynasty began its third season. The Season 2 cliffhanger left Blake Carrington on a literal cliff: The oil tycoon was rendered unconscious on a mountaintop following a fight with a revenge driven Dr. Nick Toscanni (James Farentino). However, Toscanni’s wrath didn’t end there. The vengeful doctor orchestrated the kidnapping of Blake’s infant grandson, Blake Carrington Colby. With the kidnapping story line, viewers discovered that there was another Carrington heir: Long lost first born son Adam Alexander Carrington (Gordon Thomson) living in Billings, Montana under the name Michael Torrance. The irony was that Adam also had been kidnapped as a baby twenty-five years earlier.
From the first moment I saw Gordon Thomson on screen he instantly became a favorite actor of mine. In these pre-Internet days, it was a challenge researching performers. Still, I succeeded in finding out about Thomson’s background in classical theatre. As a Shakespeare aficionado and lover of other classical literature, learning about Thomson’s classical training further endeared him to me.
As a teenager, I remember wishing that I could interview him about his career. This long time wish came true thirty-four years later when I had the privilege of interviewing Gordon Thomson for The Nerdy Girl Express in 2016.

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A Night of Poetry With @RachelMiner1 & Friends Benefitting @RandomActsOrg via @tdmiller820917

Robert Frost eloquently wrote that “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and thought has found its words.” I have always felt that poetry is one of the purest and most selfless art forms, seemingly arising from a place of vulnerability and introspection.

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Happy 37th Anniversary To Original Dynasty Series via @tdmiller820917 #ClassicDynasty

Once upon a time television audiences relied upon three major networks as their source for prime time viewing: ABC, NBC and CBS. Many people enjoyed watching daytime soap operas and it seemed as if network executives sought to replicate the recipe for nightly viewers. Enter the Ewings on CBS’ Dallas with their sprawling Southfork Ranch and their oil rich company, Ewing Oil.With the massive ratings success of Dallas, ABC was eager to capture a large piece of the pie for itself. The solution came on Monday, January 12, 1981 when Dynasty premiered.

I was sixteen years old in 1981 and while I enjoyed Dallas, Dynasty is my all-time favorite night time soap opera. It was the show that I most remember through my own milestones, from high school graduation, college and later law school.

The CW currently has a Dynasty reboot airing for a new generation of viewers. But for me, there will only be one Dynasty, the ABC original that ran from Monday, January 12, 1981 to Thursday, May 11, 1989.

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@LisaNEdwards Blink Wins The World Series of Screenwriting Silver Award via @tdmiller820917 #writing #screenwriting

Prolific author Lisa N. Edwards, who book critics and readers praise for her marvelous Can’t Fight Fate trilogy, continues to amass industry acclaim for her screenwriting talents. Her script Blink (co-written with Sonita Singh) has won The World Series of Screenwriting Silver Award.

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Meet @BigMoBook At Sheboygan Children & Teen’s Book Festival via @tdmiller820917

What do a lovable pet iguana with an insatiable appetite named Mo and a fearless squid named Moon have in common? These wonderful characters are the ingenious creations of award-winning children’s book author and illustrator Megan Padalecki.
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Wishing @KyleChandler Happy Birthday via @tdmiller820917 #KyleChandler #FridayNightLights #EarlyEdition #Homefront #Bloodline

“You’ve got to accentuate the positive!”

Those were the lyrics of a Johnny Mercer tune. This song also provided the opening for the critically acclaimed, yet sadly, short lived ABC drama, Homefront.  Homefront began in 1993 and ran for only two seasons. It traced the lives of the citizens of the factory town of fictional River Run, Ohio in the post World War II era.
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