How @TiaMowry Inspires Us To Seek A Healthier Lifestyle via @tdmiller820917 #cookbooks

Tia Mowry is that voice of calm and hope in a maddening crowd of despair.

In today’s climate where the news seems to cultivate disaster lurking around every corner, it is often easier to forget how to accentuate the positive: How can we find the recipe to lead healthier lives to benefit ourselves, our families and even our communities? If our first line of defense in addressing the challenges of an ever-changing world is to recognize that we need to begin by being our healthier, more authentic selves, Tia Mowry is guiding us along the right path.

The actress, entrepreneur, and author has penned a must read cookbook Whole New You: How Real Food Transforms Your Life, for a Healthier, More Gorgeous You.

In addition, Tia is a charismatic vlogger who is delightfully appealing to audiences. Her You Tube channel Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix is fun and informative; the show offers viewers tips to help them navigate through their daily lives. Some recent topics include:

Simple Sheet Pan Dinner, DIY Mason Gift Jars, DIY Spa Treatments, Top Ten Family Holiday Traditions.

I’ve been a fan of Tia since the 1990s when she and her twin sister Tamera starred in Sister, Sister. Full disclosure: I’m a twin myself and while me and my twin sister Stacy are slightly older than Tia and Tamera, we did see ourselves in many of the onscreen antics in which Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell found themselves. I have diligently followed both of their careers for over 20 years and even though I always enjoy their joint projects I’m equally pleased to see them shine through their individual ventures.

So when you find yourself overwhelmed by the chaos of your every day life, let Tia Mowry provide the voice of calm and bring a smile to your face!

Photos Courtesy of Tia Mowry Official Twitter and Amazon


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