Book Review: The Fated Sunset by Nishanth R. via @tdmiller820917

The Fated Sunset by Nishanth R. explores themes of guilt, greed, regret and revenge against the historical backdrop of 1918 through 1934.

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Book Review: Sunshine is Forever by @KyleTCowan via @tdmiller820917

Kyle Cowan has crafted an enduring and important story around the weighty and often misunderstood theme of depression. In Sunshine is Forever, we see the growth of characters who at first glance were alone in their torment. Eventually, through a series of events, these characters formulate an unexpected bond cemented by their quest for freedom from Camp Sunshine, a facility for teens with mental health issues.

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Book Review: The Curse of Sacerdozio by @Glen_Aaron1 via @tdmiller820917

The Curse of Sacerdozio by Glen Aaron achieves a feat that few novels can boast: it succeeds in effortlessly encompassing multiple disciplines. Framed as a mystery and crime drama, Glen also gives readers character psychology, cultural and historical references and legal analysis and interpretation. The novel entertains as it educates allowing the reader to be both intrigued and informed.
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Happy Birthday @Shoshannah7 via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural @cw_spn #SPN

Supernatural fans were first introduced to actress Shoshannah Stern in the Season 11 episode “Into The Mystic.” Stern portrayed Eileen Leahy, a young deaf woman whose parents were killed by a banshee. This tragedy set Eileen on the course of becoming a hunter. When heroic hunting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) found themselves hunting the banshee, they joined forces with Eileen. A kinship was formed between the trio, a bond further cemented  by the revelation that like the Winchesters, Eileen was a legacy of the Men of Letters.
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Why @Sterlingkb1 Deserves To Win An #Emmy for @NBCThisisUs via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural #ThisisUs

I’m a writer. I’ve published poetry books. I’ve interviewed actors, artists, authors and musicians. I’ve written articles and book reviews for The Nerdy Girl Express. In addition, I write a column with my twin sister Stacy titled “The Miller Twins Talk Supernatural” because Stacy and I are passionate fans of the CW’s longest running show about those Kansas born Winchester brothers (played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) who travel cross-country in their classic 1967 Chevy Impala (affectionately nicknamed Baby) to hunt supernatural evil and save people. It’s a thankless job, but for Sam and Dean Winchester, it’s their “family business.” They’re the guys who have given their lives to save the world.

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Happy Birthday @FeliciaDay via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural @GeekandSundry

Felicia Day makes it wonderful being a geek or a nerd!

When I was a teen in the 1980s, geek and nerd were bad four letter words. In high school, if you lived in “geekdom” and were a practicing nerd, you were sentenced to four years of social ridicule. The media happily mocked the geek and nerd in television and films. The geek and nerd were the high school underdogs dealing with mistreatment. Yet, visions of success swirled in their minds. Surely, they would have the opportunity to highlight their successes later at the high school reunion. Success…the true revenge of the nerds!

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#Supernatural Alum @RealAdamRose Wants Us To #LoveLouder via @tdmiller820917

The opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author and not The Nerdy Girl Express.

If you were a child in the 1970s or a teen in the early 1980s like me, you might not have envisioned a powerful tool called the Internet where endless information is available for immediate consumption or the fact that global audiences can connect so easily. I often wonder how much easier my college or law school days would have been if Google had been born when I was a student.

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