@TyOlsson Wins Leo Award For #ASurrogatesNightmare via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural

Supernatural alum Ty Olsson has won a 2017 Leo Award for Best Performance by An Actor in a Supporting Role for his work in the television movie “A Surrogate’s Nightmare.”

Olsson first appeared in The CW’s longest running show as a vampire in the Season 2 episode “Bloodlust.” The talented actor returned to the series in Season 8 in the recurring role of Benny, a vampire who met and befriended eldest Winchester brother (Dean Winchester) when both of them were trapped in Purgatory. It was an unlikely friendship of sorts (a hunter and a vampire) but Olsson infused Benny with such charisma that Benny became an endearing character. Later, Benny proved how heroic he was when he sacrificed himself to save Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) in the episode “Taxi Driver.” The character briefly returned as a figment of Dean’s mind in the Season 11 episode “The Werther Project.”

It is a testament to Olsson’s skill and commitment to his craft that he can so effortlessly transition from a variety of characters. Here is an actor who gives a believable performance despite the challenges of the role. Ty Olsson more than earns critical acclaim.

The Leo Awards are given yearly for achievements in film and television.


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