Happy Birthday @FeliciaDay via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural @GeekandSundry

Felicia Day makes it wonderful being a geek or a nerd!

When I was a teen in the 1980s, geek and nerd were bad four letter words. In high school, if you lived in “geekdom” and were a practicing nerd, you were sentenced to four years of social ridicule. The media happily mocked the geek and nerd in television and films. The geek and nerd were the high school underdogs dealing with mistreatment. Yet, visions of success swirled in their minds. Surely, they would have the opportunity to highlight their successes later at the high school reunion. Success…the true revenge of the nerds!

Then along came Felicia Day. As computer geek Charlie Bradbury on The CW’s longest running show Supernatural, Charlie’s technological acumen and intelligence were pivotal in Sam and Dean Winchester’s fight against the Leviathans bid for world dominance and also in translating The Book of the Damned.

Off screen, Day is a breath of fresh air on social media. She is a joy to the gaming community. In addition, her book “You’re Never Weird On The Internet (Almost)” is a testament to recognizing the beauty and uniqueness inside of all of us. Day shares her journey and in doing so, she challenges us to go on our own journeys towards personal fulfillment.

As a mother to Calliope Maeve, Felicia Day is instilling in her daughter the compassion and confidence to succeed in the world.

Today is Felicia Day’s birthday. I extend my best wishes that she have a wonderful day creating enduring memories of love.

Here is a birthday poem that I wrote for Felicia Day:

You listened with your heart, a birthday poem for Felicia Day by Tracy Diane Miller

In the quiet,
You listened with your heart,
That beautiful place where feelings dwell,
To the story your soul wanted to tell.

You listened with your heart,
You remembered the little girl who used to be,
Through the eyes of self-doubt,
There was heartache to see.

But that little girl,
Saw her beauty unfold,
A memoir of truth,
She told.

A geek and a nerd,
Are not bad words,
They are strength,
You listened with your heart and heard.

Your listened with your heart,
For you I write this poem to convey,
My very best wishes,
On your birthday.



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