Boy Untitled EP and Poetry Book Review from @kleffnotes

Mark Tennyson recently released his EP Boy Untitled, which is a five part musical and visual epic that has an additional creative companion work. This EP connects with a collection of poetry titled, A Wander’s Love Letter to the Universe. The five songs on the album connect with the five parts of the poetry book, which creates a beautifully vivid world for the reader and listener. There is a sixth song on the EP, but it is a live version of an earlier song in the list. While the poetry is non-linear the works it contains and the music it connects to were all inspired by a period of transition and growth in Tennyson’s life. From marriage to the loss of his father, he found himself growing and changing a great deal, which led him to find his creative impetus for this project. Continue reading “Boy Untitled EP and Poetry Book Review from @kleffnotes”

You/Poet Book Review from @kleffnotes

Rayna Hutchison and Samuel Blake are the founder and editor-in-chief of My Heart Poetry, an online poetry community as well as digital zine and poetry press. When you combine the amount of poetry they have created it totals over one thousand original pieces. These two well practiced and dedicated poets have created You/Poet, which will help you to grow your creativity and find your voice as a poet. Continue reading “You/Poet Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Poetry 101 Book Review from @kleffnotes

Poetry 101 by Susan Dalzell walks readers through the history of poetry and provides a crash course in understanding this form of expression and how it has evolved throughout time. What this book does so well is provide anyone interested in poetry with a way to grow their knowledge either as a lover of poetry, someone who is looking to understand it more, or who hopes to create their own poems. No matter how much you already know about poetry you will come away with something new by the end of Poetry 101. Continue reading “Poetry 101 Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Happy Birthday @FeliciaDay via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural @GeekandSundry

Felicia Day makes it wonderful being a geek or a nerd!

When I was a teen in the 1980s, geek and nerd were bad four letter words. In high school, if you lived in “geekdom” and were a practicing nerd, you were sentenced to four years of social ridicule. The media happily mocked the geek and nerd in television and films. The geek and nerd were the high school underdogs dealing with mistreatment. Yet, visions of success swirled in their minds. Surely, they would have the opportunity to highlight their successes later at the high school reunion. Success…the true revenge of the nerds!

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Why I’m grateful that I write for @thenerdygirlexp in verse via @tdianemiller

I enjoy writing poetry. It has been my passion for many years. I am also very grateful and proud to be a contributing writer for The Nerdy Girl Express. I enjoy writing book reviews, interviewing authors (as well as actors and musicians) and writing original pieces. The Nerdy Girl Express has welcomed, supported and embraced me as a writer. They took a chance on trusting my creative instincts. The Nerdy Girl Express gives me the enjoyment that I wanted to have as a writer for an online publication.
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