You/Poet Book Review from @kleffnotes

Rayna Hutchison and Samuel Blake are the founder and editor-in-chief of My Heart Poetry, an online poetry community as well as digital zine and poetry press. When you combine the amount of poetry they have created it totals over one thousand original pieces. These two well practiced and dedicated poets have created You/Poet, which will help you to grow your creativity and find your voice as a poet.

You/Poet is broken down into four parts that work to grow your knowledge and evolve your skills as a poet. The first section is focused on the history of poetry and how this genre has been shaped. They also discuss modern poets and how you can share your own voice in a variety of ways, including through social media and spoken word. Understanding your voice and growing your skills through an understanding of the words and grammar connected to poetry make up section two. Hutchison and Blake go through the grammatical elements of poetry while also focusing on how you will evolve your own method of writing and allowing yourself to be seen through your poems.

Section three is the largest section of You/Poet and is full of activities and exercises designed to help you grow as a poet. Throughout this they provide you with images to write about, micro prompts to guide you, single word and jumbled word prompts, and they also describe different poem layouts. The final section is devoted to helping you share your voice and provides guides for how to get your poetry out in the world. You/Poet is something that anyone who has ever been interested in possibly being a poet or wants to try and test their creative skills. I could also see this book as something that can be done as a form of relaxation. The exercises can allow you to indulge in meditative thinking and freely open word association. You/Poet is also a book that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages and could even be used as a resource for those who teach English or poetry for their students. You can find You/Poet on sale wherever books are sold.

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