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I have been writing poetry for 45 years. Like most people, my life has taken many twists and turns. Writing poetry has been the one constant for me.

I also suffer from depression. I find comfort in writing poetry. Writing poetry is a safe place for me. It is also wonderfully therapeutic.

When I joined Twitter on April 23, 2015, I was cautiously optimistic. I knew there were people online who take pleasure in nastiness and hurting others. Unfortunately, I’ve had some upsetting experiences since joining social media. But thankfully, the good has far outweighed the bad. I will be forever grateful for those people who made my social media journey a pleasant one.

Prior to venturing into the social media arena, I wrote poetry for myself, my mother and my twin sister. Since joining Twitter, I have expanded my Twitter poetry recipients to the people who inspire me online. Some of the people I have written poetry for are musicians whose music I adore. These artists have generously given their talent to enrich others. Nicki Aycox, Brian Buckley and Mandy Rowden are my trifecta of musical excellence. They have fed my Muse and inspired my poetry in ways that have even surprised me after all these years. I don’t even think they realize the marvelous influence that they have had on my creativity.

Authors Tracie Banister and Lisa N. Edwards are another reason why I write poetry. Tracie Banister’s books Twin Piques, In Need Of Therapy and Blame It On The Fame are full of rich, engaging characters. Her work is a dream for a poet. When I read a Tracie Banister book, my desire to write poetry is enhanced. Lisa N. Edwards books Can’t Fight Fate and Chasing Butterflies address the question of the role that pre destiny has in shaping our lives. Lisa N. Edwards writes memorable characters and plots. I find that my poetic juices flow easily reading Lisa N. Edwards’ books.

Mostly, though, I find great satisfaction writing poetry to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. In addition, I write poems for people who are in pain. I want them to know that I’m thinking about them. I feel that if my poems can provide a small comfort, that is why I write poetry.

Yesterday, I had one of the most emotionally cathartic moments as a poet. I was dealing with alot of weighty emotions and just felt overwhelmingly sad. A friend of mine, who I has such a compassionate, giving spirit, shared a picture of her late husband. I never met him, but through the stories she has shared about him, especially his love and talent for music, I feel as though I know him. I looked at the picture and five minutes later, I wrote a poem in his memory. I shared the poem with her. She was so kind in expressing gratitude for the poem. Further, his mother offered kind words for my poem.

What a beautiful moment for me as a poet. It is a moment that I will cherish forever.

Why do I write poetry? Because in all the ugliness in this world, I hope that my words can add beauty and hope particularly for those people who need it most.


A poem for friends by Tracy Diane Miller

My mother and my twin sister Stacy
Were all my heart did need
They encouraged and believed in me
They helped me to succeed

But in 2005
My heart tore
Death claimed my mother
Who I so adored

Eleven years later
I can still sometimes feel myself
Drowning in despair
But thankfully I have friends
Who show me how much they care

I have long been a cynic
A fact that I can’t deny
Within myself I will happily retreat
I guess to protect myself is why

The people who I admire
The people for me who so inspire
Live by a code of sincerity and compassion
For it is true
Decency won’t go out of fashion

I do try
To shed my cynicism as well
For those people who care about me
They are easy to tell

They offer a word
They offer a smile
They offer hope to feed my soul
For a long while

A poem for friends
My heart begs to write
As gratitude is
My song for tonight




One thought on “Why I Write Poetry via @tdmiller820917

  1. I am glad that you find comfort in writing your poetry and that you have given so many others comfort as well. I am really proud of you and your talent.


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