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Supernatural fans were first introduced to actress Shoshannah Stern in the Season 11 episode “Into The Mystic.” Stern portrayed Eileen Leahy, a young deaf woman whose parents were killed by a banshee. This tragedy set Eileen on the course of becoming a hunter. When heroic hunting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) found themselves hunting the banshee, they joined forces with Eileen. A kinship was formed between the trio, a bond further cemented  by the revelation that like the Winchesters, Eileen was a legacy of the Men of Letters.

Just as the Winchesters became enamored with Eileen so did many Supernatural fans. In her we saw compassion, courage, loyalty and strength. These qualities translated onscreen through the power of Stern’s performances.  In addition, many fans applauded the writers’ creative decision to add a hearing impaired character to the landscape. Supernatural belongs to the horror genre, but at its heart, it is a show about family. The nucleus of Supernatural is Winchester brothers. But we have learned over the years, family takes on many permutations to extend beyond biology.

When viewers learned that Eileen was returning to the show in Season 12, they were elated. In the episode “The British Invasion”, Eileen aimed her gun at Prince of Hell Dagon yet unintentionally killed British Men of Letters (BMOL) operative Renny. This tragedy signed her death warrant. When Eileen was later killed by a Hellhound controlled by Mr. Ketch (David Haydn Jones), fans were angered and saddened by her demise. Shoshannah Stern took a third episode guest appearance and created an emotional connection with Supernatural fans.

Today, July 3rd, is Shoshannah Stern’s birthday. I extend a very happy birthday to her, a day that reflects love and the creation of beautiful memories.

Here is a birthday poem that I wrote for Shoshannah Stern:

On the wings of courage to fly, a birthday poem for @Shoshannah7 by Tracy Diane Miller

If you listen with your heart, a joyous sound you will hear,
A sound meant just for you,
A song performed amongst the clouds,
As daylight comes into view.

The melody arranged by Heaven,
The notes so soothing and strong,
As the sun joins in the celebration,
And Nature is invited before too long.

The trees bow in reverence,
The birds chirp an aria in tune,
If you listen with your heart,
Your soul will memorize the melody very soon.

The sounds of compassion and hope
were never silent.
Alas, others assumed that you couldn’t hear the tune,
But you listened with your heart,
With unspoiled perfection to shine as brilliantly as the moon.

Undaunted you are.
On the wings of courage to fly, you soared towards the sky
where your dreams came into view,
The clouds smiled in satisfaction at the melody composed solely for you.

On the wings of courage to fly, you soared towards the sky
fueled by determination to defy all doubt,
As you shared with the world the gifts of your talent,
That essence of you so destined to come out.

Of words and of characters and of emotions,
The truth was there within your reach,
Generously you exposed your soul to the world,
The lesson of compassion you choose to teach.

On the wings of courage to fly, you soared towards the sky,
Then a Muse became privy to your story,
Then that same Muse communicated to a poet the words
to celebrate you, in the truest lyrical glory.

I am that poet who sees you,
and like the trees in reverence and the clouds that smile.
I write this poem in honor of you,
I pray that my words will sustain you for quite awhile.

On the wings of courage to fly, you soared towards the sky,
A poem hopes to convey,
The respect and admiration that I hold in my heart for you,
My best wishes on your birthday.


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