#Supernatural Alum @RealAdamRose Wants Us To #LoveLouder via @tdmiller820917

The opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author and not The Nerdy Girl Express.

If you were a child in the 1970s or a teen in the early 1980s like me, you might not have envisioned a powerful tool called the Internet where endless information is available for immediate consumption or the fact that global audiences can connect so easily. I often wonder how much easier my college or law school days would have been if Google had been born when I was a student.

Yet, with this goldmine of knowledge comes pitfalls. Cyberbullying has emerged, seemingly poised to attack anyone, any time, at will. In addition, with the beauty of the First Amendment also exists the ugliness of hate speech.

When it comes to social media, I remain perplexed much of the time about “rules” that people appear to make up as they go along. My social media routine is simplistic: I interview actors, authors and musicians. I write articles. I write poetry daily.

We are living in very trying times where anger and fear reign supreme. Perhaps we are searching for something, anything to soothe our uncertainty, or at the very least, quiet the anger and replace it for a little while with good, positive feelings.

Supernatural alum Adam Rose offers us some hope. Rose wants us to Love Louder.

Adam Rose is a television actor with numerous credits. He is also a creative powerhouse offering entertaining and informational content via his You Tube vlogs. For fans of The CW’s longest running show Supernatural, Rose is known for his role as Aaron Bass, a young man who assisted heroic hunting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) in their fight against Nazi necromancers. For Aaron Bass, it helps to have a huge golem on your side as you fight the good fight.

What is Love Louder? Love Louder is Adam Rose’s brainchild on Twitter, a positive community that encourages people (as its bio states) to “Love Louder to drown out hate.” The account wants us to spread joy through letting others know how much they mean to us. The random compliment, as Love Louder champions, goes a long way in letting others realize the inspiration they wield in our lives.

If cyberbullying is what is ugly about social media, then I would argue that Love Louder challenges us to reach within ourselves, pass the anger, pass the disappointments and pass the pain in order to find the beauty. To raise our voices to the sound of love. To Love Louder!


On Twitter:

Adam Rose is @RealAdamRose

Love Louder is @LoveLouderTweet and #LoveLouder

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