Why Writing For @thenerdygirlexp Has Been A Highlight Of My Writing Career via @tdmiller820917

This week, The Nerdy Girl Express (NGE) celebrates its second anniversary. Within the scheme of online publications, NGE is still in its infancy, exploring and growing within the realm of social media.

Yet with a writing team consisting of less than ten writers, NGE has accomplished quite a lot. NGE produces new content every day. In addition, the publication has interviewed many actors, artists, authors, directors, musicians, and producers from numerous genres. We have pierced the veil on current pop culture as well as time traveled into yesteryear with our blasts from the past. Book reviews, thought provoking features, creative and imaginative videos, insightful recaps and live tweeting is the hallmark of NGE. We pride ourselves in our uniqueness, as NGE writer and marketing manager (and my twin sister) Stacy Miller put it, “We love to write and we write what we love.” Consequently, NGE is probably one of the few online publications to include a diet of poetry and birthday tributes among its numerous articles.
The poetry contributions have come from me, Tracy Miller. This is another reason why I’m grateful to write for NGE. When one thinks of pop culture, poetry isn’t what springs to mind. Much credit needs to be given to NGE co-founders Erin, Erica and Katherine. These literary captains haven’t adhered to a set formula for NGE, perfectly willing to mimic the blueprint for other online publications. Rather, they have inspired their writers to express their individuality in producing content that speaks to them, and hopefully, speaks to our readership as well.
Let me say that NGE took a huge leap of faith by inviting me to join their writing team. I consider myself an anomaly on social media because I’m not a social person by nature. In a way, my life has been a study in contradictions. I used to think that I was an extrovert because I have never suffered from social anxiety. I have never been shy nor do I have any difficulty meeting people. The contradiction lies in the fact that I prefer to keep my creative circle (as I like to call it) extremely small. I don’t like posting selfies. I’m extremely guarded when it comes to sharing personal information. Twitter and Facebook for me is solely about writing: I only share articles and poetry that I’ve written for others. In addition, I champion creative artistry by promoting, recognizing and supporting other authors.
When I joined Twitter on April 23, 2015, I immediately sought to write poetry for people who may be struggling through their day. As someone who has suffered from clinical depression for over 25 years, I understand that the outward face someone wears often fails to tell the story of inward battles he or she fights. I like to think that my poetry is a reminder to anyone who is hurting that across the miles of cyberspace, there is a stranger (me) who sees you, has heard you, and who has written a poem just for you.
I met NGE co-founder Erin when I wrote a poem for her during a difficult time that she was having. I was a stranger to her when I introduced myself via verse. I wrote this poem for Erin six months before I joined the NGE. At that time I hadn’t envisioned that I would become a part of NGE’s writing team.
I had wanted to write for an online publication that respected the individual talents of its writers. When Stacy joined NGE in December, 2015, she enjoyed live tweeting television shows as well as interviewing actors, television writers and musicians. I witnessed her enthusiasm first hand. At the time, I was writing my first poetry book. Admittedly, I was a bit envious that my twin sister was able to write for NGE. I wanted to write for NGE too. But where would I fit into this equation? Here I was a poet who watched limited television, doesn’t go to the movies and prefers reading and writing over just about any other activity. And while I support cast and crew of the only two television shows that I currently watch (Supernatural and This is Us), I don’t belong to fandoms. Again, I suspect my lack of desire and interest in fandom culture stems from my lack of desire and interest in social media in general. I’m a loner by nature and I’m a writer by choice.
Still, the NGE took a chance on an old poet and writer like me. After publishing numerous poetry books, writing for NGE is one of the highlights of my career. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing numerous authors. For the ten year old girl who delivered her first oral book report in 1975 on Everyday Law Made Simple (thankfully, my reading tastes have improved considerably over the last 42 years), getting to interview authors is one of my favorite things about writing for NGE. I have read and reviewed books by incredible authors like Lisa N. Edwards, Nikki LeClair and Geralyn Corcillo and have had the pleasure of interviewing them about their books and writing process.
In addition to interviewing many Supernatural actors, I write a weekly column for NGE with Stacy called “The Miller Twins Talk Supernatural.” I have written countless poems for Supernatural actors. NGE allows me to function in a team. As importantly, NGE allows me to be me: This strange animal carving her own niche in the social media jungle.
What will remain for me my ultimate THRILL as a NGE writer: Interviewing Dynasty alum Gordon Thomson on Monday, July 18, 2016! When I first saw Gordon on Dynasty in the Season 3 premiere episode “The Plea” back in 1982, I was a seventeen year old high school senior. He immediately became one of my all-time favorite actors. I followed the classically trained Canadian actor’s career for 35 years. I had the pleasure of  meeting Gordon briefly at the Variety Club Telethon in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday, February 4, 1989.
Fast forward to Monday, July 18, 2016: Because of NGE, I was able to have a 90 minute phone interview where I was fortunate to talk with him about his 50 year stage and television acting career. For me, it doesn’t get any better than that. It took 34 years but NGE made a dream come true for a 17 year old high school girl sitting in her honors English class imagining what it would be like to interview Gordon Thomson. No words would ever be sufficient enough to cover my gratitude.
Happy 2nd Anniversary to The Nerdy Girl Express and thank you for allowing me to partake in this journey with you!

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