@LisaNEdwards Blink Wins The World Series of Screenwriting Silver Award via @tdmiller820917 #writing #screenwriting

Prolific author Lisa N. Edwards, who book critics and readers praise for her marvelous Can’t Fight Fate trilogy, continues to amass industry acclaim for her screenwriting talents. Her script Blink (co-written with Sonita Singh) has won The World Series of Screenwriting Silver Award.

This is the latest screenwriting award for Blink. Previous accolades include:

GRAND PRIZE WINNER- THRILLER-Hollywood Screenplay Contest 2017
WINNER BEST SCREENPLAY- European Independent Film Award 2017
TOP 10 FINALIST-THRILLER- New York Screenplay Contest 2017
OFFICIAL FINALIST- New Zealand International Film Festival 2017
SEMI FINALIST- Los Angeles Cinefest Film Festival August 2017 (final judging Jan 2018).

Blink is an emotionally charged script that examines themes of choice, death, fear, life and survival. In addition, the script’s fast-paced story weaves a subject that Edwards knows exceptionally well: Fate. Strangers meet through a series of events, and as a result, their destinies are linked in a surprising manner.

Last month, I interviewed Lisa N. Edwards for The Nerdy Girl Express. When I asked her to describe Blink for our readers, Edwards said “Blink is about four women who are taken simultaneously from different corners of the world where they end up in a room. A man who is basically their captor tells them that three of them will die but they have to choose which one of them will live. That choice has to be unanimous. Only one woman will be allowed to go back. Throughout the script the women need to work out who is more worthy and why. So Blink asks the question: Is your life worth more than someone else’s?”

Congratulations to Lisa N. Edwards and Sonita Singh for a well written script that is more than deserving to shine on the big screen. In the very near future when Blink becomes a film, audiences will be awestruck by this entertaining, thought-provoking piece with relatable characters and universal themes.

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