Meet @BigMoBook At Sheboygan Children & Teen’s Book Festival via @tdmiller820917

What do a lovable pet iguana with an insatiable appetite named Mo and a fearless squid named Moon have in common? These wonderful characters are the ingenious creations of award-winning children’s book author and illustrator Megan Padalecki.

Padalecki is scheduled to appear at the Sheboygan Children & Teen’s Book Festival, October 13-15.

Since entering the literary scene in 2015, the San Antonio native has certainly cemented her position as an imaginative talent who has forged a kinship with both children and adults with books that speak to the courage against seemingly insurmountable odds while encouraging us to believe in ourselves and to recognize the uniqueness we bring to this world.

Her debut effort, Big Mo, won a National Indie Excellence Award for Best Picture Book. Her second book, Little Moon, has followed in its literary sibling’s stellar footsteps. Both books have amassed substantial readers and have been extremely well received at conventions and in classrooms.

While Padalecki’s training as an architect has served her well in achieving remarkable depth to her exquisite illustrations, she is also an author whose prose reveals that she appreciates and respects the natural curiosity of children. Consequently, young aficionados of Padalecki’s books can relate to her words withour fear in the uncertainty of the predicaments in which Mo or Moon find themselves, but instead with the confidence in their unique gifts they bring to the global landscape.

This former architect turned celebrated children’s book author devoured Dr. Seuss’ classics at a young age. Her interest in Seuss’ work contributed to Padalecki’s own inquisitive leanings. Yet, through her writing style and illustrations, Padalecki has already made an indelible impression and secured her place as an exciting and much sought after author.

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Megan Padalecki on several occasions. In addition, I’ve written numerous articles and book reviews about her work. I’m eagerly anticipating her next book and can predict that it will be another marvelous destination on an illustrious road so  far.




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