@BigMoBook Big Mo entertains & informs via @tdmiller820917

Children’s books become friends in our youth. We look at them through innocent, inquisitive eyes. The words and images within the pages ignite our imaginations as we begin to discover the world around us.

The authors of children’s books have what I like to call a “loving burden.” They create characters and worlds that must appeal and arguably, mold young minds. It is an admirable role these authors accept, a role rooted in compassion, love and understanding for this very special class of readers.

But children’s books also can teach and comfort adults. Particularly in today’s world where reports of violent, unspeakable acts saturate the news cycle. We find ourselves looking for answers as we cling to hope.

Last year author and illustrator Megan Padalecki became a recognized talent within the children’s book genre with her delightful debut effort, Big Mo. Big Mo, a recent National Indie Excellence Award winner for Best Picture Book, tells the story of a pet iguana with an insatiable appetite. With Padalecki’s gift for weaving an incredible story accentuated by exquisite illustrations, Big Mo entertains as well as informs. Children and adults alike will realize that it is important to reconcile overconsumption if we are to preserve the Earth’s natural resources.

Padalecki is hard at work on her second book. For the architect turned author, I bet that the new book will follow in Big Mo’s tradition of brilliance.

To order Big Mo:


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