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If you haven’t seen this devil-ious movie….where have you been??? 

Idle Hands are the Devil’s playthings….and teen stoner Anton learns this….well in this comedic horror film of awesomeness.

Grab your popcorn and sit right back, it’s time for a tale from 1999.

When Anton’s finds his parents murdered in their house on Halloween, all signs point to him as the killer…dun dun dun. (Their murder is down right hilarious and damn creepy at the same time.) He realizes his hand has been possessed after killing his two best buddies, Pnub and Mick. Mad props to Sawa for two of the most awesome characters, Anton and his hand.


This hand thing is totally going to ruin his chances with his beautiful neighbor Molly…damnit. But hey why not at least give it a try….ya know….til your hand can’t control itself anymore.

So, what do you do when you’ve killed your parents and best friends? Well have a funeral of course! But what do you do when your two buddies won’t stay dead and come back as some undead wisecracking fools? I mean, what can you do? You killed them, they’re your zombies now…right? (Elden Henson and Seth Green are so incredibly funny.)

The Goon Squad aren’t the only knows who know about “The Hand”….Debi is hunting down this force that has been laying victims across the country. Vivica A. Fox plays Debi and honestly, she was great! I couldn’t imagine any other person is this badass role.

Do cops who used to go to high school with you constantly give you crap? Even busting your “inhaler”? (Stoners around the world tried this when the movie came out hahaha.) Don’t worry! Idle Hands has got your back! Though killing might not sit too well with you and you might pull an Anton and totally chop your hand off…then throw the creepy alive on it’s own evil filled hand in the microwave. Wanna kill something, NUKE IT……relax people I’m still talking microwaves! Then you have your best zombie bros there to first aid you up.

Debi has tracked down the force and with the help of his neighbor, she’s gonna get Anton’s possessed hand and send it right back to Hell…

Oh Molly, you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you blow Anton’s mind….but go to the dance because Anton has a five finger evil to finish off. Son of a bitch, the zoms let the damn thing loose. No problem, they’ll steal Randy’s truck and head to the dance to watch over Molly. Pnub and Mick are freaking awesome zoms, watching over her while Anton looks for that bloody hand. Running into Debi and Randy and getting more information, Anton must completely crash the festivities and warn everyone before his hand drags Molly’s soul into the netherworld. Now, why wouldn’t people listen to a raving lunatic warning about an evil hand killing people? Seems totally legit!

Mr. Hand solves the disbelief when he scalps the band’s singer. Epic panic causes everyone to freak the freak out, forcing Molly and her friend Tanya high tail it through the vents. It’s never that easy though is it? It wouldn’t be a vent escape without a fan to go through. These girls got it though. Tanya’s shoe to the rescue. Next stop…freedom! Crap, Tanya’s hung up on the rope. Alright, ok, Molly’s gonna get you off….wait….what’s that……you’ve got to be kidding me…..The Hand pulls away the shoe sending Tanya to her death. Molly gets knocked out running into the art room…

Enter Anton for the epic battle between man and….hand in puppet? (Dude, I love this movie!) Finger master retreats to the auto shop where Molly has been stripped to her underroos and strapped to a car, but that’s not all folks, she’s also being raised up to the ceiling. Swishy Molly cakes anyone?

An one handed man, two zombies, and an evil hand walk into an auto shop…..and fight. Now listen, if you’re losing in a fight against a killer hand, taking hits from the bong can “give strength”. (This is not true, or maybe it could be, I’ve never fought an evil hand…yet.) Anton blows a huge hit into the hand filled puppet until that sadistic little bastard releases the controls, stopping Molly from becoming a pancake. Yay, Molly is saved!!! 

What about the damn hand….Debi throws a ritual knife into the puppetmaster, sending it into a poof of fire and smoke. Like I said, Debi is one badass woman. And Randy is about to find out just how badass she is….I mean doesn’t every ritualistic killing end with ritualistic sex?

Awww what a happy ending……Anton gets the girl….wait…Anton…Molly…hello….who stands under a car on a lift and starts making out?…..  Aaand the stoner zombies teach you why you don’t make out under a car. Lighting the bong for his zom bro, Pnub accidently bumps the controls and makes a swishy cake out Anton.

Don’t worry guys…Anton gives up heaven for a full-body cast and Molly…..and our zombie buddies? His new guardian angel…yep that’s right!

Seriously, this movie is just epic. Have you seen it? Leave me some comments below or reach out on Twitter at @erinwise82 or @thenerdygirlexp

If you haven’t seen it and you have an off the wall sense of messed up awseome humor like I do, please give it a try. I left plenty out to still make it really fun and gorely awesome.

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