What I’ve Been Busy With Recently from @kleffnotes

I’m not sure how many people read my articles who know I have an Instagram, but I do. While Twitter used to be my go to app, I slowly shifted away from using it and am now basically on Instagram only. I do get onto Twitter to retweet articles and sometimes to follow authors who might have followed me, but beyond that I’m not on the app. Instagram has become this place that I use to try and be creative. I had been feeling a bit like I was sort of stuck and kind of fell into the world of DisneyBounding. Now I had been creating some Star Wars/Batuu Bounds and mentioned that on here before, but I have started getting more involved with creating Disney Bounds.

There is a very long history to DisneyBounding and this has been covered by far more informed people than I. The idea behind bounding was created by Leslie Kay, who continues to run a DisneyBound Instagram, @thedisneybound. While adults can’t dress up in Disney Parks, they can though wear outfits inspired by the characters. This has branched out to include bounding really any character in any franchise. Bounds are a bit like casual cosplays or closet cosplays. You find clothing that is in similar styles or colors to characters you want to dress like.

There are some bounders who have their own themes or focus on doing certain characters more frequently than others. I though am kind of new to the game and while a very long time ago I used to post casual cosplay videos on YouTube it had been a very long time. I am now stretching my makeup and outfit creating muscles. I have tried to limit buying anything new, though I have borrowed clothes from Krista and for one outfit have bought a few pieces to make it really work. The fun of it is just trying to put your spin on a character. There are so many challenges you can find and get involved with and I have actively been planning and keeping lists of what I will be posting for which challenges.

This has helped me to feel more creative and also to push myself to learn how to use some photo editing software. Nothing complicated, but I am getting more comfortable doing more with my images. I also even did a cover for a Disney Song day which made me really happy. If you want to check out all of my bounds and themed outfits I’m on Instagram as @kleffgoeverafter. Krista and I technically share it, but I do most of the posting. If you bound let me know! I’d love to follow you!

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