Some Disney Movie Favorites from @kleffnotes

Last year I did a Disney movie list because I was spending part of my holidays at in Orlando. This year while I’m not going to be in Disney World, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and thought I would share some additional movies that I love from the wonderful world of Disney.

I have already discussed my favorite Disney movie numerous times on this site, The Great Mouse Detective, so I won’t be devoting much time to it, but I did still want to mention it. If you haven’t seen this Sherlock Holmes adaptation with mice as the characters you need to find it. Seriously there is smoking, drinking, and even murder. Even though it happens to be after Christmas if you are still feeling in the spirit you should watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. While I already loved this movie, when I was in Disney last year I managed to find Sally ears and Krista and I watched it together so it has a bit of a special connection to that trip now.

I have some Disney movies that I adore and actually forced Krista to watch at one point because she had never seen them. While I love the classics I have soft spot for some of the newer movies. When The Princess and the Frog came out I felt a strong connection to Tiana. She was so focused on work that she didn’t really see a reason for romance. I spent a lot of time feeling that way and fixating on staying busy, but once I found the right person I understood why you need more than just work. I really felt like I went on the same journey as Tiana. The next is Big Hero Six, which has one of my favorite character tropes in it of all time. I am a sucker for a story involving a dedicated older sibling and while this movie manages to break my heart every time I still find the older brother to be such a great character. The plot of this is also not love and romance, but rather overcoming grief.

If you checked out my movie highlights for the end of 2018 this last one definitely won’t surprise you. I am lumping these together a bit, but Wreck It Ralph and Ralph Breaks the Internet are both solidly in my top movies. I loved Wreck It Ralph as soon as I watched it and when I was still working at the video store I actually used to play it on repeat a lot. Ralph and Vanellope create such a loving friendship with each other and watching it evolve over the course of the two movies was so wonderful. I also have a soft spot for Tangled, though I don’t watch it as much as the others I’ve mentioned. The music is just so good and Mandy Moore is such a good Rapunzel.

What are some of your favorite Disney movies?

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