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Streaming Queen here to share another movie with you guys. I recently caught this movie starring Finn Wittrock(AHS), Emilie de Raven, the wonderful Nancy Travis, and my favorite “Hero” Jack Coleman, as well as many more awesome talents.

Fun fact: Finn wrote this movie with director Eric Bilitch.

Spencer is a young Marine, who returns home from Afghanistan. Recovering from a bullet wound and  beginning to suffer from PTSD, he’s just trying to get back to a normal life.

With visions and flashbacks, that proves to be a difficult task.

That is, until he meets Alice.

A beautiful girl, who sparks his interest immediately.

During a party one night, Alice gives Spencer a comic book from the 50’s, The Submarine Kid. A comic that changes his whole world.

But is he just using the comic to escape reality, to escape his “demons”, or is there something more to it all?

This was a really fun movie with a serious issue weaved through. I was able to predict some parts, but, in all honesty, it didn’t even matter. I was still very engaged with this story.

A wonderful story, beautifully written. I truly recommend anyone who’s trying to escape something from your past to give this movie a watch. Hell, even if you’re not trying to escape anything…..give this a look. I’m glad I did.

Have you seen it?

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