Reliving My Childhood with The Babysitters Club on Netflix from @kleffnotes

My love of reading was very much influenced by The Babysitters Club books and when I learned the series would be returning with a new modernized story I was immediately very excited. Growing up my parents frequently took me and my siblings, once they were born, to used bookstores. Typically we would travel to Columbus, Ohio from Lima and spend the day going to multiple Half Price Books and in my earliest years of used book shopping this meant spending my time in the children’s clearance section. For whatever reason The Babysitters Club books were always there and always within my little kid book budget. I would stock up on them and while they were a bit mature for me at the time, I was under 6 when I started reading the books, my dad would read them to me and then I would go on to also read them myself. Continue reading “Reliving My Childhood with The Babysitters Club on Netflix from @kleffnotes”

Interview with Hallea Jones from @kleffnotes

I had the chance to chat with Hallea Jones about her role in the Netflix Original Series Locke & Key. As someone who loved the comics I was tremendously excited to learn that Netflix would be bringing the world to life. Thank you to Hallea Jones for answering all of my questions. Continue reading “Interview with Hallea Jones from @kleffnotes”

Death Note Movie Review (US Netflix Release) from @ImmieBroods

The Death Note book, a concept many would dream about using to fight criminals or the evils of the world. It’s a book where you write a person’s name and moments later, they die. All the crazy criminals of the world can be wiped out by writing their names in this book. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But of course there’s a tricky part! The book comes with rules such as “you have to picture the person as well as write his full name” and “you have to write how the person dies.” There are other rules too, but you’ll have to watch it to find out. Continue reading “Death Note Movie Review (US Netflix Release) from @ImmieBroods”

@Netflix #TheDefenders Finally Gets a Trailer at #SDCC via @quietlikeastorm

The last series that Netflix debuted at SDCC was The Defenders. For people who might only watch the shows and not read the comics, the title doesn’t give them much of a clue as to what this could be other than another Marvel superhero group. But. But. This isn’t just your ordinary team. Read more to find out why. Continue reading “@Netflix #TheDefenders Finally Gets a Trailer at #SDCC via @quietlikeastorm”