Binged It: #santaclaritadiet Is Gold! @Netflix Does It Again! via @erinwise82

What happens when you put Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant is a series together?



In the new Netflix Original, the pair play married realtors, Sheila and Joel Hammond. They live in a quiet neighborhood in Santa Clarita, California, between a cop and a sheriff (nosey douchebag), with their teenage daughter Abby.

All seems good until one crazy morning as the couple were showing a house, Sheila gets sick. And when I say sick, I mean, I have never seen so much vomit in a movie/show in my life. Holy hell, it was an insane amount of vomit. That gets hilariously asked about during a couple of episodes.

Her diet…um….begins to change….and she well, eats people…..yep, people. Everything but the butthole, yea, she won’t eat those. And boy, does she feel and look better than ever. Human: Does a Zombie Good.

This show takes you down the path of Sheila and her family adapting to her new lifestyle. The crazy road it takes her down is just rib-tickling fun. Now, don’t get more wrong, this is not all HAHA’s! This is a pretty sick and disturbing series. Bloody, gory, murderous, hysterical, awesome, just what I needed, kind of series.

I honestly stayed up all night watching this masterpiece. Fingers crossed for a season 2. This is another hit show from Netflix, that I could watch for a very long time.

If you haven’t yet watched it…BINGE IT NOW!

If you have, leave me your thoughts below, as I’d love to hear how you felt about it. Or find me on Twitter @erinwise82

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