@Netflix #TheDefenders Finally Gets a Trailer at #SDCC via @quietlikeastorm

The last series that Netflix debuted at SDCC was The Defenders. For people who might only watch the shows and not read the comics, the title doesn’t give them much of a clue as to what this could be other than another Marvel superhero group. But. But. This isn’t just your ordinary team. Read more to find out why.
The Defenders is a culmination of all the Netflix superhero shows they have been airing, now and next year. This means that while we wait on premieres of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist – this show will be showing ALL of them. Yes those four heroes all team up to help save New York City. As you might realize, they don’t exactly play well with others and they certainly aren’t the shiny beacon that is the Avengers. No the Defenders will be getting into the grit and grime of NYC and as Netflix has previously shown to do amazingly well with these series I know they will be able to astound us once again.

I felt like the Defenders didn’t quite get the hype that it should have considering how excited everyone is about the other shows. So I wanted to make sure everyone knew about this great upcoming series. We will have it pretty soon too, as it is set to debut in 2017.

Are you excited to see all the Netflix heroes becoming a team? I know I am and you can talk to us about it on our twitter, @thenerdygirlexp or my personal one, @quietlikeastorm. Make sure to subscribe here and follow us on twitter to never miss any news on this series and all the others!


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