Are You Going to #WishCon?

Here at the Nerdy Girl Express we bring you a daily dose of nerdy info about all our favorite shows, movies, books, comics and more. We are pleased to be able to now tell you about an amazing new convention that is happening that you can be a part of right now from the ground up. This is for fans, vendors, press, volunteers and everyone else interested. It’s called the Women In Sci-Fi and Horror Convention or WishCon for short. Its main objective is to celebrate and showcase the women in front of and behind your favorite sci-fi, fantasy and horror television genres, but all creations are welcome. This con has a lot going for it even though it is brand new. Let me tell you all about it as there is a ton of ground to cover.

WishCon is located in Columbus, Ohio and will run an amazing inaugural weekend from November 18 – November 20. It will be full of guest panels, exclusive photo ops and autographs from some of your favorite women. There are already half a dozen exclusive guests signed on with the possibility of more later on. Who exactly are they? I’m glad you asked. Claudia Christian who you may know from a little show called Babylon 5 will be there as well as Kim Rhodes from Supernatural, Luvia Petersen from Continuum, Marita Grabiak a woman behind the scenes that is responsible for over 27 films and directing episodes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ER, Firefly, Lost, Smallville and more. There will also be Shannon Eichorn, a science fiction writer and a bona fide aerospace engineer and Leah Cairns from Battlestar Galactica and the hit movie Interstellar. Here at the Nerdy Girl Express we love giving you all the facts, so make sure to check us out in the coming days as we are going to be posting extensive information about each of the guests signed on so far as we are unbelievably excited about this line up already.


So the guest line up is already great, but what else you may be asking? Well I’m glad you did because there is even more events taking place for fans. Cosplayers will be happy to know that there will be costume contests for all. Families will be excited to hear that there are unique events for children and everyone can be pumped about the nightly parties. There will also be an area dedicated to crafters of all things nerdy from the region and beyond. What does this mean for you? It means showing off your latest cosplay outfits, getting autographs from your favorite stars and getting your picture taken with them. It’s a family event so everyone is going to be having a blast!

How can you get in on all of this amazingness? It’s easy as the wonderful people behind WishCon are running an Indiegogo campaign right now where you can get early perks at steep discounts.

Donating $5 gets you an exclusive backer bracelet.

$25 gets you a limited edition tote bag and other perk rewards.

$50 you get to score a background role in Supernatural: The Fanimation! Plus other perk rewards.

$75 gets you the entire weekend pass which is over 50% off the regular price and other reward perks.

$100 is the Cosplayers Dream as you get an exclusive chat with Mandy Cummins via Skype and other perks.

$200 Gets you the full weekend pass AND autographs from everyone doing autographs. All of them, plus other rewards.

There are even more backer perks to choose from and seriously what is there not to love? There are plenty to choose from for anyone looking at this by price or the perks they receive. Just make sure to donate soon before everything is gone! Again you can go to the campaign HERE.

Not only that but they have booked an exclusive hotel for this event and it’s not just any hotel. It is a beautiful one that will house the Con as well so no driving which all Con goers know is a big deal. The hotel is also surrounded by some of Columbus’ best dining, entertainment and nightlife. You can go to a Con and accidentally have an amazing vacation while you’re at it. Rooms are limited though so make sure to donate to the campaign and book your room ASAP. Afraid of the cost? Don’t be because WishCon has your back. When you go HERE to book the hotel, put in the group code SCIFI for a huge discount! So now we’ve established that not only can you get huge discounts from donating to the campaign, but you’re also getting a discount on the hotel as well-what else could they throw in? How about being awesome to your fellow man too?

Some of the perks WishCon offers through its campaign offers charitable donation to worthy causes such as Homegirl Café and Homeboy Industries. What is that charity? It’s a group dedicated to helping young people get off the street and become productive members of society. Each person gets a case manager that will help them with tattoo removal (gang symbols often bar people from most jobs and educations), educational, employment and legal services, as well as help with mental health and now they even train people in solar panel installation to help them save the world. It’s a worthy cause and all you have to do is go to a Con and enjoy yourself. Win, win. But WishCon isn’t done being awesome, they will also be celebrating our veterans and soldiers the first night of the convention as it falls so closely to Veterans Day. All of this as well as the Con being about celebrating women that make our fandoms awesome. It can’t get any better than that.

Want to know more about WishCon? You can go to their website HERE, their fun twitter HERE and they also have a facebook page HERE. WishCon is still looking for vendors, press and others, so if you are interested make sure to email them at the proper emails which are as follows: sponsors should use; potential vendors should use and press should use Again, here is where you can book their exclusive HOTEL and donate to their CAMPAIGN. Watch out for our articles on the WishCon guests coming to you in the upcoming days. Subscribe below or follow us on twitter at @thenerdygirlexp


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