Reviewing The Visit

M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit comes out on dvd and blu-ray this week and I since I didn’t get a chance to see this movie in theaters I thought I would check it out. The movie wasn’t what I was expecting, so here’s my spoiler free review for you. 

The premise of the movie is that two kids are going to meet their grandparents for the first time. Their mom had run off and married a man that her parents didn’t approve of, and they hadn’t talked in years. But in the wonderful age of technology they were able to find her on Facebook and wanted to meet their grandchildren. So the mom puts her kids on a train to her parents house. She goes on a cruise with her new boyfriend, the kids’ dad is long gone with another woman, and the two kids go off to Pennsylvania alone. The grandparents start acting super weird, but everyone keeps chalking up to old age kookiness, until stuff gets super insane.

I normally don’t like found footage movies, but I actually was okay with this one. It was really clear and not super shaky, which is normally what drives me nuts about that type of format. It’s a Shyamalan movie so there’s a twist, I mean there’s always a twist in a Shyamalan movie so I don’t think that will surprise you. I kept trying to guess what it was, which I know drives some people crazy. The two main character kids are interesting. The daughter, who is filming the documentary, has a super intense vocabulary. It’s almost ridiculously too smart like if this kid were a real person she didn’t interact with other kids her age and instead just read all the time. Admittedly I did that a lot, but this kid still beats me for vocabulary skills. The brother is odd, he raps a lot and at one point decides instead of cursing he’s going to use famous singers names instead. I’m guessing that might have been to keep the movie at PG-13. The dvd also has an alternate ending, it’s a bit of a tear jerker if you decide to watch it.

Honestly while the focus is on the grandparents I think the real villain in this movie is inadvertently crappy parenting decisions. I mean seriously she sent the kids randomly to her parents house without actually going to the house to see them. I know you are supposed to trust your parents, but seriously she got into a huge fight with them and hadn’t spoken to them in years. Wouldn’t you at least go drop your kids off in person instead of just putting them on a train so you could maybe say hi? So many things could have been avoided if she’d just gone with her kids to see her parents for like two seconds before going on the fancy cruise.

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