#ClexaCon Virtual 2021 Article Round-up from @kleffnotes (@ClexaCon)

I thought for ease of access if folks wanted to check out my ClexaCon Virtual 2021 I would compile all the links here. If you joined in on the convention I would love to know your thoughts and your favorite moments. Also if you attended any of the panels I did I would love to hear what you enjoyed.

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#ClexaCon Belated Panel Catchup from @kleffnotes

While yes, ClexaCon Virtual 2021 was last weekend I found myself having to play a lot of catch-up for coverage. When the convention has been in person I would typically live tweet panels and then just do a large wrap-up article when I returned from Las Vegas. This year was the first time I covered the convention virtually and I only had a chance to catch one panel on time. This weekend I planned to do a major watch session to get caught up. Now I did already do a write-up in detail of the panel I did attend so this article is more a synopsis of multiple panels I watched in a row. Check out my thoughts on a bit of ClexaCon weekend in case you weren’t able to tune in.

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#ClexaCon LGBTQ+ Actors Saturday Panel from @kleffnotes

This year I had hoped to attend numerous panels live, but my schedule got away from me. I did though manage to get to one panel live for ClexaCon Virtual 2021, which is one of my favorite panels every year. Each year I actively try to get to the LGBTQ+ Actors panel and I was so excited to see that there would be two panels this year devoted to LGBTQ+ actors. The slight downside for me was that one fell squarely when I had a rehearsal I had to attend. I wanted to share my brief thoughts and wrap up from the panel I could attend for all of you that might be interested in learning what I did.

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Vendor Highlight #ClexaCon Virtual 2021 from @kleffnotes

One of my absolute favorite things about any convention is the Vendor Floor. I spend hours, literal hours, on the vendor floor when I have been at in person ClexaCon and FlameCon I honestly only do the vendor floor. You can meet so many people and see so many creative things. I’m also a huge fan of using this portion of the convention to get books to review in the future. I literally have to save space in my suitcases and carry-on and my bags weigh so much more after a convention. The downside of virtual is I can’t just browse, but thankfully ClexaCon has a virtual marketplace still available on their website.

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#ClexaCon Articles to Come from @kleffnotes

This weekend, April 16th to the 18th, was virtual ClexaCon 2021. I admittedly had not initially planned to take part in the convention, primarily because I haven’t taken part in any virtual conventions and my weekend schedules have been pretty packed. I was super excited when by surprise I was offered a press pass to the convention for all three days and had planned to be very involved. That didn’t exactly happen, but I do have plans.

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The Bi Line: Flame Con Comics Wrap-Up #2 from @kleffnotes

This week’s Flame Con comic wrap-up includes a number of short or mini comics that again are from a variety of genres. Each of these books is a bit smaller than a standard comic and one is even pocket sized so you could carry it around with you and read it whenever you want. While I might not have links for everything keep an eye out for all of these comics online as many of these creators have other work or are part of other projects. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Flame Con Comics Wrap-Up #2 from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Flame Con Comics Wrap-Up #1 from @kleffnotes

As promised, I have Flame Con comic reviews! To get everything out a little bit faster I am writing up collected reviews. Today’s review collection will highlight 5 single issue comics I picked up from different creators. These span the gamut for genre, style, and story so there is something here for everyone. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Flame Con Comics Wrap-Up #1 from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Flame Con 2019 Recap from @kleffnotes

This was only my second year at Flame Con, but just like last year my weekend visiting the convention was a bit of a whirlwind. For the first time I was actually able to travel with Krista, she also covered Flame Con for The Nerdy Girl Express this year, and we left ridiculously early on Saturday the 17th and we left very early on Sunday the 18th. While she and I both live in New York state now, we had very specific trains to catch in order to get back to where we live, which is practically in Canada. Let’s delve into the less than 24 hour trip into New York City. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Flame Con 2019 Recap from @kleffnotes”

QueerX Day Two Feature ( @REVRYTV )from @kleffnotes


Day Two of QueerX is just as packed full of great experiences as the first day. During the Revry Summer Preview guests can experience the World Premiere of Laura Linney’s Sink Sank Sunk. This documentary style series that focuses on a young gay recluse who decides to complete his mother’s passion project, a documentary about her multi-generational synchronized swimming team. GLAAD Rising Star Grant recipient River Gallo will also be screening his feature PonyBoi, which was created and stars the first out intersex person in the history of cinema. Continue reading “QueerX Day Two Feature ( @REVRYTV )from @kleffnotes”