#ClexaCon Articles to Come from @kleffnotes

This weekend, April 16th to the 18th, was virtual ClexaCon 2021. I admittedly had not initially planned to take part in the convention, primarily because I haven’t taken part in any virtual conventions and my weekend schedules have been pretty packed. I was super excited when by surprise I was offered a press pass to the convention for all three days and had planned to be very involved. That didn’t exactly happen, but I do have plans.

On Friday night Chloe, our about 14 month Rottweiler, started coughing and struggling to breath. Krista went into super mom mode and hunted for a vet and managed to insist that our vet see her asap on Saturday morning. She is currently doing much better, but she has a really bad upper respiratory infection that was causing her lungs to fill with mucus. Again she is doing better, but Saturday we spent time getting her into the vet and buying some supplies for helping her get better. After that we both kept an eye on her and I didn’t really want to leave Krista and Chloe until I knew she was doing better. I managed to catch one Saturday panel, which was the one I was most excited for on that day, The LGBTQ+ Actors Panel.

Sunday I thought I would buckle down and get a ton of convention work done because I was excited to be able to take part, but things definitely did not go as planned. Krista and I had some errands to run that took longer than planned and then by the time we got home I had to get ready for a virtual play practice I’m involved in. You would think as just an understudy there wouldn’t be a lot of work needed, but we had the author of the show coming to chat with us and I knew I needed to be there and be attentive. The rehearsal ran longer than I expected and I had already made rescheduled plans to chat with my sister, who I hadn’t had a chance to talk with in way too long. After chatting with her and rehearsal I was just ready to grab a snack and head to bed. I may have managed to miss dinner with my evening schedule.

My goal is in sort of ClexaCan’t status to do some coverage of the panels I missed, but did really want to see throughout this week. I also will be doing some digging through social media to see what happened during the convention. The downside of not really being prepped for the convention and my weekend schedule being impacted by some unexpected things I was a bit stymied in what I could do. Keep an eye out for my articles later this week!

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