@ClexaCon Film Festival Rebecca Shoptaw Interview ( @rebecca_ish )from @kleffnotes

Rebecca Shoptaw has created a great deal of queer media, most notably Middlemarch: The Series, and she will be screening one of her more recent works, Love Language, at ClexaCon this year. I had the chance to ask her some questions about her work and what she’s looking forward to at the convention. Keep an eye out tomorrow for my video all about Love Language. Continue reading “@ClexaCon Film Festival Rebecca Shoptaw Interview ( @rebecca_ish )from @kleffnotes”

Interview with @ClexaCon Co-Runners Ashley Arnold and Danielle Jablonski from @kleffnotes

With ClexaCon coming up next month I had the chance to chat about the convention with the co-runners, Ashley Arnold and Danielle Jablonski. You might recognize these names from a feature I did on ClexaCon London this year. This time we solely focused on the Las Vegas convention and some of the new features that have been included this year. Thank you to Ashley and Danielle for taking the time to answer my questions. Continue reading “Interview with @ClexaCon Co-Runners Ashley Arnold and Danielle Jablonski from @kleffnotes”

@ClexaCon Film Festival Functional Interview with Daniel Luna and Cheska Bacaltos ( @functionalserie ) from @kleffnotes

While looking at all of the great web series being screened at ClexaCon I was excited to see some familiar names on the list and jumped at the chance to reach out for an interview. I have chatted with Cheska Bacaltos before about another webseries she worked on, It’s Complicated, and I have seen Daniel Luna in another webseries, which has been featured on this site a number of times, The Leslie. Both of these exceptionally creative people are part of a new webseries that will be debuting at ClexaCon, Functional, and I chatted with them about their parts in the series and what they are looking forward to at the convention this year. All of Cheska’s answers are in italics and Daniel’s responses are kept in standard font. Continue reading “@ClexaCon Film Festival Functional Interview with Daniel Luna and Cheska Bacaltos ( @functionalserie ) from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Nikki & Nora @ClexaCon Feature from @kleffnotes

Every year ClexaCon hosts a Film Festival full of diverse LGBTQ+ content and I thought that for my two March Bi-Line articles I would feature some content from one specific company. Tello Films has been a partner and sponsor of ClexaCon since the beginning and this year they are bringing even more content to the convention. This week I wanted to highlight Nikki & Nora, a series that was resurrected by Tello after the original pilot was not picked up by a major network. While this series will not be showing at ClexaCon, the leads will be there. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Nikki & Nora @ClexaCon Feature from @kleffnotes”

@ClexaCon Workshops Feature from @kleffnotes

ClexaCon is often emphasized as a place to indulge in your fandoms, but it is also an educational experience. There are a number of featured workshops including Improv for Confidence Building with Natasha Negovanlis, Speed Pitching: Pitch to Production by Tello Films, and Unlocking Your Creative Core with Elise Bauman, but there are also smaller workshops being run by attendees of the convention. I wanted to highlight the work of the people who are going to this convention, not just to fan, but to share their knowledge with other attendees. Continue reading “@ClexaCon Workshops Feature from @kleffnotes”

Fangirl Freakouts: Kait & Nic @ClexaCon Feature( @kait_nicseries )from @kleffnotes

Starting this Thursday and leading up to ClexaCon I will be doing a Fangirl Freakouts focused on a web series that will be screening at the ClexaCon 2019 Film Festival. This week I chat Kait & Nic, a series focused on two best friends and their dating experiences. Continue reading “Fangirl Freakouts: Kait & Nic @ClexaCon Feature( @kait_nicseries )from @kleffnotes”

@ClexaCon Film Festival BIFL Interview ( @BIFLseries )from @kleffnotes

I had the opportunity to chat with a group of people from the web series BIFL. After circulating online as a script and releasing a teaser trailer, this year they will premiering the first three episodes of the first season at ClexaCon. I had fallen in love with the script and was excited to get time to talk with Kelsey O’Regan, creator, Amber Rivera, producer, Daren Taylor, director, and Anisha Adusumilli, the actor who plays Jill. As this is a four person interview I have divided them into four labeled sections instead of color coding them. Continue reading “@ClexaCon Film Festival BIFL Interview ( @BIFLseries )from @kleffnotes”

@ClexaCon Creator and Academic Labs Highlight from @kleffnotes

This year ClexaCon has added some special Thursday additions that are part of new partnerships they have established. As the convention grows every year I wanted to highlight these new additions and what you can expect if you take part in them. These two labs involve separate tickets and a are being hosted solely on Thursday, April 11th. Continue reading “@ClexaCon Creator and Academic Labs Highlight from @kleffnotes”

ClexaCon 2019 Concerns and Coverage from @kleffnotes

As a member of the press and someone who has covered ClexaCon previously, and even relatively recently, I feel I must discuss some of my thoughts about the current issues, as well as some previous issues, I am having with the convention. While I could present my thoughts through Twitter, as I have this platform I felt an article would better suit my needs. The Nerdy Girl Express is also where I have shared this coverage and including this article would allow for direct reference on the site. Continue reading “ClexaCon 2019 Concerns and Coverage from @kleffnotes”