The Bi Line: Butch Pals, Avocado Toast, and Life from @kleffnotes

Conventions might not be happening in physical spaces this year, but many are either transition to or being created in online spaces. One such convention that made a bit of a shift was ClexaCon. While the convention itself did not fully take place, they did shift their Film Festival and some related panels to online. I admittedly had hoped to enjoy more of these offerings, but my life was a bit hectic right at the same time that the convention was taking place.

For a quick recap of everything that I’ve had going on as a sort of prologue to this article in the past roughly a month everything has been very up in the air for me and also my wife Krista. To start off when businesses started closing or going remote due to Covid she was laid off. Her job wasn’t sure if they could bring her back. This led to a whole slew of things that I can’t really get into, we are fine, but there was a lot of stress, worry, frustration and uncertainty. Also we had to get a new car and it has been a delight(heavy sarcasm). This whole situation was stressful, but on top of it I had to go to the doctor because I have been having breathing issues. Based on the initial appointment I was put on steroids, antibiotics, and told I probably have developed asthma. I then had to get a chest x-ray, which meant going to a hospital, which stressed me out. Being anywhere medical related right now was causing me stress and the fact that if I got sick that my lungs might not be okay had me even more on edge. I am doing better and am doing follow-up appointments so we shall see. Despite all of this, my wife and I have never felt closer and we have handled everything with honesty and patience.

This has meant that covering anything has been very difficult, we also have two puppies who need attention and house tasks that need done. When the ClexaCon Film Festival rolled around I genuinely did not have time to watch like anything. Right before everything was going to be pulled, or at least I thought it was being pulled, we sat down to watch two things super late at night after a bunch of running around. The first thing we watched was Butch Pal for the Straight Gal. I had been waiting so long to watch this one. Lauren Flans, from Coming Out Pod, had mentioned she was in this and it sounded hilarious. The concept of the show is that it is a mockumentary in the style of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. What the Fierce5 set out to do is to help a woman find her inner self away from the pressures of what society expects. This first episode shows them making over an Instagram influencer who has been nominated by her aunt, played by Dot Marie Jones. The process involves donating almost all of her clothes, reducing her getting ready down to just hopping out of the shower, and also getting her a cat. I was laughing so hard throughout the entire episodes and I just wanted to watch more. This was just such a perfect watch and also made me want to buy more graphic tees, and I already own like a million. Everyone in the episode was just so perfectly cast and they did such a fantastic job. If you can find it online you need to watch it. You can find out more about the series on their website.

The other show I had really wanted to check out was Avocado Toast. I had been able to interview Heidi Lynch and Perrie Voss back in 2018 and again near the release of this series. It officially dropped on Amazon Prime after the film festival ended. After doing press for the series I really wanted to actually be able to see it and the first episode did not disappoint. A lot happened in just one episode, though my favorite element might have been that cheetah outfit. The series delves into the millennial and baby boomer divide more going forward, but in the first episode the focus is on Molly and Elle getting moved back in together after. Molly was out of the country and has returned to teach, but while she was away she fell in love with a woman and is trying to work through the process of coming out. This is a bit rushed when she learns that the long distance monogamous girlfriend is coming to see her. Elle finds herself in a difficult emotional spot at the end of the episode after seeing her mother with someone who isn’t her dad. There are some great side characters as well, including Kristian Bruun as Jake, who I am expecting great things from. You can also check out the Avocado Toast website for more information.

I do have plans to track down some of the other series from the festival so keep an eye out for another bit of a wrap up of things that you might have seen in the ClexaCon film festival.

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