86’d Series Highlight from @kleffnotes

86’d is a new Brooklyn-based comedy series that released this week. Alexandra Spieth, from [Blank] My Life, has crafted a new mini-series that blurs the lines between morality and what can benefit you personally. The six episode series has been released in full as of March 15th on BRIC TV and is a delightful watch.

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The Bi Line: Slo Pitch Review from @kleffnotes

After much anticipation and what felt like an eternity of waiting, Slo Pitch finally came out on KindaTV. Now I do know some people could watch the series before it released on this YouTube channel, but because I live in the United States I had to wait. For those who haven’t heard of this series it is a queer comedy focused on a softball team. The series was created by J Stevens, Gwenlyn Cumyn, and Karen Knox, the former two I had the pleasure of interviewing for another series they were a part of Barbelle. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Slo Pitch Review from @kleffnotes”

Life is Easy Revry Review from @kleffnotes

Life is Easy is a body swap comedy from New Zealand that just became available last week on Revry, the LGBTQ+ Network. This online source for content had their premiere of the original series on July 19th. With a multi-cultural cast and created in New Zealand, this very bingeable Freaky Friday-esque series is ready to watch right now with a Revry Premium account. Continue reading “Life is Easy Revry Review from @kleffnotes”

Here TV Celebrates Pride Month Press Release from @kleffnotes

Los Angeles, CA. Here TV, America’s first and largest LGBTQ+ video channel, is celebrating Pride Month 2020 with an exclusive selection of LGBTQ+ programming, documentaries and films available at:  www.here.tv Social justice is at the forefront of everyone’s mind and Here TV wants to … Continue reading Here TV Celebrates Pride Month Press Release from @kleffnotes

Submission Possible Releases on Revry from @kleffnotes

On June 19th Submission Possible will be premiering on Revry, the LGBTQ+ virtual cable TV network. This Docuseries is their latest original series and is a journey that you can enjoy with the “Queen of Kink” Madison Young. If you are looking to be both entertained and informed then get ready to tune in tomorrow. Continue reading “Submission Possible Releases on Revry from @kleffnotes”

Band Ladies Series Review from @kleffnotes

Band Ladies is a series that you can find on HighballTV that focuses on a group of women who were part of a book club that turned into something completely different. Now yes, that is a little vague, but if you checked out my interview with two of the writers/creators/stars yesterdayyou’d have a better idea of how this comedy takes the idea of getting away from your family for a bit and making it into something completely revitalizing for the spirit. What we see is a journey to self discovery and understanding where these women are able to find themselves again after feeling defined by their roles in life, whether it be mother, girlfriend, or lawyer. Continue reading “Band Ladies Series Review from @kleffnotes”