Life is Easy Revry Review from @kleffnotes

Life is Easy is a body swap comedy from New Zealand that just became available last week on Revry, the LGBTQ+ Network. This online source for content had their premiere of the original series on July 19th. With a multi-cultural cast and created in New Zealand, this very bingeable Freaky Friday-esque series is ready to watch right now with a Revry Premium account.

Jamie-Li and Curtis are best friends and have been since childhood, even though they are very different. Jamie-Li is a straight Chinese-Kiwi woman and Curtis is a gay white man, but they have one strong similarity, their birthday. On the night of their joint 25th birthday these two Gemini’s, seeing the twin connection already, wake up in each other’s bodies. While they always thought they understood each other living in the other person’s body will lead them to see that there are things they’ve never truly grasped. Life is Easy is a through-provoking eight episode series that explores the complexities of race, gender, and sexuality through humor.

With New Zealand often outside of the global conversation, the producer of Life is Easy, LIE, Ruby Reihana-Wilson is quoted as saying that “Being able to distribute globally on REbry is incredibly exciting for us. Sometimes it’s hard for us #millennials to envision greatness for ourselves outside of New Zealand, because we’re literally so far way from everything that is making waves.” The idea uses the two main characters are a means to examine society and the disparity that exists in connection to gender, race, and sexuality. The swap pushes them to understand each other, but also their society at large. While it is a very funny show, the work that is being done in terms of examining issues in New Zealand, and the world at large in a certain sense, will push viewers to think about their own privilege and knowledge gaps.

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