Science! @BedsidePress Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Bedside Press has recently been picked up for distribution through Diamond Book Distributors and to showcase this new partnership I will be reviewing two of their upcoming books. The first of these is Science!, which won’t be out until next year, but is something that science fiction fans will love. Not just that, but the main character is totally crushing on her roommate, who happens to be a girl. This mysterious comic has a little bit of everything for ever reader and that makes it such a great read. Continue reading “Science! @BedsidePress Comic Review from @kleffnotes”

Juliet Takes a Breath @PenguinTeen Book Review from @kleffnotes

Comic book lovers should recognize Gabby Rivera from her work on the solo series America, focused on America Chavez for Marvel Comics. In her mission to create the wildest, most fun stories ever Rivera has brought her writing skills to the Penguin Random House imprint Dial Books with her novel Juliet Takes a Breath, which comes out today. Juliet Milagros Palante has been a a self-proclaimed closeted Puerto Rican baby dyke from the Bronx, but now she is out of the closet and about to head out on a life-changing experience to intern with her favorite feminist writer. What she didn’t expect was that her coming out would crash and burn, but she has a plan, or at least she thinks she might. Continue reading “Juliet Takes a Breath @PenguinTeen Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Volume 4 Book Review from @kleffnotes

Award winning editor Sinclair Sexsmith has put together a collection of stories from a refreshingly diverse group of individuals of various genders and identities in the fourth volume of Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year. These multi-talented authors showcase a variety of diverse stories that include anything from a mysterious warrior at a Renaissance Faire to a fantasy speed dating night. While each story is tremendously different each of them showcases what it feels like to fully step into one’s own power and feel deeply in your own body. Continue reading “Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Volume 4 Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Queer Cosmos Book Review from @kleffnotes

Cosmic Queers get ready for the read of your life! Now I have seen this subset of the queer community popping up on my Twitter feed and while I am not an expert I believe the Astrology gays, who I really wish were called Astrologays, will get a kick out of this book. Colin Bedell, astrologer for the Cosmopolitan and, has created a book with no heteronomative language focused on providing insight into the stars for the queer community. Queer Cosmos isn’t out yet, but you can find out my thoughts on this interstellar sensation before the release in November. Continue reading “Queer Cosmos Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Happier as a Woman Book Review from @kleffnotes

Releasing in October of this year, Happier as a Woman: Transforming Friendships, Transforming Lives is the story of a woman who found her path after becoming established in a more traditional sense. Martina Giselle Ramirez had first started wearing her mother’s shoes in secret in the second grade, this was still when the world knew her as Martin. Growing up as an adopted Mexican-American in a racially segregated city she had sworn she would not just become another statistic. Her journey would take her from valedictorian to tenured professor with a family. Once she had found her place she finally felt comfortable taking the next step to being her true self. Continue reading “Happier as a Woman Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Interview with Jason T. Gaffney from @kleffnotes

I had the opportunity to chat with award-winning writer, actor, and producer Jason T. Gaffney about his movie, Analysis Paralysis, as well as some of his other projects. This movie is Gaffney’s directorial debut and he co-wrote it with his father. In this rom-com the focus is on both mental health and on LGBT representation. Thank you to Jason T. Gaffney for answering all of my questions. Continue reading “Interview with Jason T. Gaffney from @kleffnotes”

Interview with Kai Hazelwood from @kleffnotes

I had the chance to chat with Kai Hazelwood, the founder of Good Trouble Makers and producer of the upcoming first annual Unicorn pARTy, all about her work and the upcoming event in Los Angeles. Hazelwood has been working to share the creative projects and voices of bi+ people and Unicorn pARTy is designed to be something that will resonate with a number of people. Thank you to her for answering my plethora of questions. Continue reading “Interview with Kai Hazelwood from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Ziggy, Stardust and Me Book Review from @kleffnotes ( @PenguinTeen @JBJUSTBE )

This month I had the opportunity to read the new release, Ziggy, Stardust and Me, and wanted to devote this week’s The Bi Line to this remarkable teen read. Set in 1973, the story follows sixteen-year-old Jonathan Collins, who feels completely alone. Bullied, anxious, and asthmatic, the teenager finds a safe haven in his own imagination where he can find guidance through his hero, David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, and dead relatives, including his mother. Within this world of his creation he can be anyone and anything, even “normal.” As a boy who likes other boys, Jonathan is going through treatments to “help him become normal,” but someone comes into his life that changes everything. Web, a boy with secrets of his own, provides a sort of escape that Jonathan never expected and through this he may finally be able to find acceptance. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Ziggy, Stardust and Me Book Review from @kleffnotes ( @PenguinTeen @JBJUSTBE )”

The Bi Line: Telling Tales in the Dark from @kleffnotes

I’ve been playing a little bit of television catch up now that my schedule is a little bit more flexible. Recently I finally watched Tales of the City, the recent limited series on Netflix, and the new CW show, In The Dark. While that second show isn’t focused on a queer character, her best friend identifies as a lesbian and I wanted to delve into her role. This article is a bit of a catch all since these shows aren’t exactly connected to each other, but that’s sometimes how my watching catch up goes. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Telling Tales in the Dark from @kleffnotes”