Insomnia Web Series Review from @kleffnotes

The darkly comedic web series Insomnia drops the final episode of the limited series today and to get you ready for the final episodes I wanted to share my thoughts on the show so far. Set in New York City, Insomnia follows bisexual, Indian American writer Nikhil Sharma as he tries to figure out his life. Shown through single camera, the story follows Nikhil in his secret work as a male escort where he is confronted by issues of race, sexuality, loneliness, and just general lack of sleep. The series was inspired by a brief real life encounter when creator and star of the show, Vishaal Reddy, was asked by someone in NYC if he had ever considered being an escort. After seeing a lack of positive representation in the media he took this idea and evolved it into Insomnia. Continue reading “Insomnia Web Series Review from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Barbelle S2 Follow-Up and Bi in Bitter S2 from @kleffnotes

This week I am delving into some web series that I have already previously discussed in some capacity on The Nerdy Girl Express. I absolutely adore both I Put the Bi in Bitter and Barbelle, both of which I covered in Fangirl Freakouts videos, and second seasons of both released earlier this year. I know I’m a bit behind in talking about them, especially since I covered roughly the first half of Barbelle Season Two a while back, but I am here and ready to gush. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Barbelle S2 Follow-Up and Bi in Bitter S2 from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Shadowburg ( @stupidlullabies )from @kleffnotes

This is another quick throwback to Artist Alley at ClexaCon, which probably shows how much I either spent in money or spent in the area. On Sunday I wandered around and while that was a day I tried to not spend too much, I did make sure to pick up cards and other info cards to give myself some time to check out artists in more detail. One of the items I picked up was all about something called Shadowburg. I will admit I did think this was a comic at first glance, but it turns out this is actually an online game. As someone who doesn’t typically game the art had me hooked so I thought why not give it a try. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Shadowburg ( @stupidlullabies )from @kleffnotes”

Beyond The Rainbow Book Review ( @PublishPurpose )from @kleffnotes

Beyond the Rainbow: Personal Stories and Practical Strategies to Help your Business & Workplace Connect with the LGBTQ Market is a book with a hefty title, but a strong message. Jenn T. Grace wants to help companies understand and become strong fits for the LGBTQ community. By working to reach the entire umbrella and focusing on how powerful they can be, you can grow your own business and become someone that the community will want to interact with. Continue reading “Beyond The Rainbow Book Review ( @PublishPurpose )from @kleffnotes”

Southern Pride Movie Review from @kleffnotes

Malcom Ingram created Southern Pride as a companion work to his 2006 award winning documentary Small Town Gay Bar. This first piece explored gay bars in rural Mississippi and in this new work he returns to document what it is like running a gay bar in Mississippi following the election of Trump. This new piece also includes a profile of lesbian bar owners in both Biloxi and Hattiesburg. Ingram loves to tell stories of everyday heroes who are creating communities in unlikely places and his choice to make Southern Pride evolved from an opinion piece he drafted for CNN after the PULSE shooting in Orlando. This work led him to think about the work he had done in his original documentary and 24 hours after the election results were announced he had a plan to return to the South and document what was happening there in the wake of this new tide of politics. In his own word, “Southern Pride is the story of strong, queer women and their allies who answered the call to make their community better, in a time when the world is being torn apart.” Continue reading “Southern Pride Movie Review from @kleffnotes”

Popcorn Love Book Review ( @YlvaPublishing ) from @kleffnotes

Elena Vega is an influential fashion industry woman, think a way nicer version of Miranda Priestly, who has been out of the dating game for a while. Her best friend Vivian insists that she is going to start setting her up, but Elena has one caveat, a babysitter. Her son Lucas is the most important person in her life and is only three years old. She wants to make sure he’s taken care of while she is trying to find a partner. That’s where Allison Sawyer comes in. The NYU senior loves kids and after meeting Elena is very invested in taking care of Lucas. Popcorn Love is a romantic and touching story full of not only romantic, but familial love, and it shows that opening yourself up can lead to beautiful moments you could never expect. Continue reading “Popcorn Love Book Review ( @YlvaPublishing ) from @kleffnotes”

Apoppytheosis Comic Review ( @jocosejoni )from @kleffnotes

You remember being twelve years old right? The whole puberty, trying to fit in, and becoming a god thing that everyone has to deal with before their teens sounds familiar right. Wait, not everyone needs to try and become a god? Well Anthony Hernandez sure does and he has a to contend with a deer trying to destroy the entire world. That is just some of what you’ll experience in the collected Apoppytheosis comic. Continue reading “Apoppytheosis Comic Review ( @jocosejoni )from @kleffnotes”

Out of This World Book Review ( @QoSPress ) from @kleffnotes

Out of This World: Queer Speculative Fiction Stories collects a number of works by Catherine Lundoff that take readers on a journey through a variety of times and places with protagonists who fall within the LGBTQ+ community. Many of these stories have been out of print for years or have appeared in other collections, but are now for the first time together in a brand new anthology. You will find vampires, ghosts, the works of Shakespeare, and even more within the pages of this Queen of Swords book. Continue reading “Out of This World Book Review ( @QoSPress ) from @kleffnotes”

Interview with Jan Dee Gordon from @kleffnotes

Jan Dee Gordon is a Los Angeles based photographer who will be releasing a brand new book, LGBTQ of Steel. The photos collected within these pages celebrate a group of LGBTQ individuals who bravely and without hesitation overcame unimaginable obstacles that threatened to hold them back. I had the chance to ask Gordon some questions about this project as well as some of her other work in advance of her book release on July 16th. Continue reading “Interview with Jan Dee Gordon from @kleffnotes”

The Lavender Scare Movie Review from @kleffnotes

Josh Howard’s The Lavender Scare is a timely work that delves into the past of American history with an eye toward the LGBTQ community. While many people know about the cultural shift in America where the fear of Russian influence in the United States known as the Red Scare, but other communities were also at risk. Narrated by Glenn Close, with additional voice work by Cynthia Nixon, Zachary Quinto, T.R. Knight, and David Hyde Pierce, The Lavender¬† Scare uses the past to create a narrative that relates to our present day political and social climate. Continue reading “The Lavender Scare Movie Review from @kleffnotes”