The Q Agenda Feature Article from @kleffnotes

In connection with Hispanic Heritage Month Revry is showcasing some content that includes The Q Agenda. If you are looking for great LGBTQ+ content Revry has something for everyone. I have featured some of their series before and The Q Agenda is another great one.

Hosted by executive producer, actor, and tv personality Enrique Sapene, comedian Lianna Carrera, beauty influencer Victor Ramos, and actress and trans activist Juliana Joel. The series is kicking off the third season and there will be guests from a variety of shows and other elements of media. If you have not checked out the series before it focuses on candid conversations with guest that focus on issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community. It has been featured in the GLAAD Pride Guide and has received awards from the Los Angeles Blade. It will be airing live every Wednesday, the first episode aired on the 15th of this month, at 6 PM EST and will air again at 9 PM EST.

Revry Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Christopher J. Rodriguez, Esq. spoke a bit about his desire to focus on how his heritage as a Mexican/Colombian American has shaped his identity. The desire to create spaces for marginalized people, in a variety of demographics, was something that has pushed the channel and they are proud of the work they have done. Revry will continuously strive to push for more and during the range of September 15th to October 15th they will not only be showcasing The Q Agenda.

They have a slate of releases that will provide viewers with content that showcases Hispanic Heritage within the LGBTQ+ community. You can find films including XXY, Ann, and Checkmate as well as series, beyond The Q Agenda, like Functional, Dele Viaje, Threesome, and The Category Is: Mexico City. If you are looking for a quick watch theere are also some shorts like Atmosphere, Familia?, and Julia’s Piece. You can find out more about their programming on the Revry site.

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