The Bi Line: Slo Pitch Review from @kleffnotes

After much anticipation and what felt like an eternity of waiting, Slo Pitch finally came out on KindaTV. Now I do know some people could watch the series before it released on this YouTube channel, but because I live in the United States I had to wait. For those who haven’t heard of this series it is a queer comedy focused on a softball team. The series was created by J Stevens, Gwenlyn Cumyn, and Karen Knox, the former two I had the pleasure of interviewing for another series they were a part of Barbelle.

Slo Pitch focuses on the softball team The Brovaries, which is coached by Joanne (Kristen Rasmussen) and has a delightful cast of characters making up the team roster. The league they play in is made up of only queer teams and their rivals The Toronto Blue Gays make frequent appearances. While the team might be the focus, the games aren’t really the most important part. Shot in a sort of The Office style, characters speak directly to camera and this is interspersed with scenes where the camera is more passively showing us what is happening.

For KindaTV regulars, there are a number of actors who will appear very familiar. Beyond Cumyn and Knox, who have appeared in the previously mentioned Barbelle together and Cumyn appeared in All For One as well, there are a number of other noticeable reappearances. Chelsea Muirhead who plays Sasha, also appeared in Barbelle and Kaitlyn Alexander, well known for their role as LaFontaine in Carmilla, plays a member of the Blue Gays named Beck. There is also a very brief appearance from Linnea Currie-Roberts, who appeared in All For One, as a character named Linda.

I loved these little nods to other KindaTV shows with the inclusion of actors that I had seen in shows before. I also found myself really drawn to actors that I had never seen before and the characters they were playing. Now I will be spoiling a few things in the series here to describe what I enjoy about some characters in the following sections so be warned. If you used to watch my YouTube videos called My Kinda Recaps spoilers were the norm so think of this as a sort of return of that, just in written form.

I will start off with my sort of honorable mention character, Ann, who is played by Cumyn. During the course of the first season we learn she is bi and poly. I loved the episode where Joanne tries to sort of call her out for dating two members of the Blue Gays. This leads to four people being locked in a car and was a perfect short episode exploring the bias bi people experience, especially those who are in non-monagamous relationships. The second favorite character is Lee, Lane Webber, who is the youngest member of The Brovaries. With the age issue, Lee can’t technically drink when the team goes out, but we see a great moment where each team member keeps trying to pass drinks. Lee though is officially legal to drink in this moment, but has no plans to tell anyone because that would mean no more free drinks. Lee is also just fun and mentions being someone women of a certain age are often attracted to.

Now my absolute favorite character of Slo Pitch is Zari, Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, who is the token straight girl. Now I am sure this reveal shocks a number of you, but honestly she is so funny. Not only does she try and set Boris up with her friend, which turns out to be a huge mess, but she uses a peanut allergy as a means to discuss cultural appropriation. She also ultimately winds up helping Boris out and agreeing to marry her, so long as they never do anything romantic. Roberts-Abdullah’s comedic timing was perfect throughout and I found myself seeking out her character in scenes. You can check out the full season and bonus episodes of Slo Pitch on KindaTV.

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