Cheering for Katherine’s Journey on A Million Little Things from @kleffnotes

A Million Little Things has been on the air since 2018, but it was not until very recently that my wife, Krista, and I decided to start watching it. Now our to watch list is verging on ridiculous with various multi-season shows taking up spots, but on a whim Krista thought that A Million Little Things sounded like an interesting show and started watching. I joined her a few episodes in, which is often the case for shows we are binging, and the show turned into one of our go to watches. We just got caught up last week and are currently waiting for the most recent episode to drop, but I honestly could not wait anymore. I did not expect to be writing about this show, primarily because my focus has shifted to primarily books, but I absolutely could not resist highlighting Katherine from A Million Little Things, and not just because we share the same first name.

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The Bi Line: Little Voice and a Little Bit of Queer Romance from @kleffnotes

I should begin this article by saying that my sister has been very kindly letting Krista and I watch a couple shows on her Apple+ account. Much like everyone in the world, at least I think this is a very standard practice, my family all shares passwords to different services so that everyone can try and watch the shows they want. Krista is a huge fan of Sara Bareilles and she really wanted to watch her new show, Little Voice. The show follows Bess, a singer-songwriter, who is trying to find a place for herself in the music industry. When the series starts she is struggling with being able to perform after being heckled off of a stage while playing one of her original songs. While Bess is the lead she isn’t going to be the focus of this article. Instead I want to talk about Prisha, Shalini Bathina, her best friend and roommate. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Little Voice and a Little Bit of Queer Romance from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Slo Pitch Review from @kleffnotes

After much anticipation and what felt like an eternity of waiting, Slo Pitch finally came out on KindaTV. Now I do know some people could watch the series before it released on this YouTube channel, but because I live in the United States I had to wait. For those who haven’t heard of this series it is a queer comedy focused on a softball team. The series was created by J Stevens, Gwenlyn Cumyn, and Karen Knox, the former two I had the pleasure of interviewing for another series they¬†were a part of Barbelle. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Slo Pitch Review from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Boxing Up Bits of Yourself from @kleffnotes

A lot of changes are happening for people right now and while this is not a monumental change, my life is changing in a very specific way right now. Krista, my wife if you haven’t read any of my previous articles, and I are currently in the process of trying to move. During the initial closure periods related to Covid there were certain employment changes and now officially Krista has a new job and I am a permanent remote worker for my job. Based on the location of the new job, we are in the midst of moving. We have a house that we are working on paperwork for so that hopefully we can move in by at least the end of the month. While we’ve been working on the moving process we have also had to put our home on the market, which has led to some unexpected realizations about the area where we live now and how we have to navigate it in some situations. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Boxing Up Bits of Yourself from @kleffnotes”