The Bi Line: Our First Marriage Anniversary from @kleffnotes

The title for this article took me way longer to figure out and I still don’t entirely like it. Krista and I have been together for 3 years as of today, but we have hit our first year of marriage. We got married on our pre-existing anniversary, which makes celebrating easy, but explaining what I mean a little harder. Our first year of marriage has involved a lot of very heavy things, but we have worked through them and are happy to have each other. As a long distance couple for a majority of the time we are dating we relish the fact that we are together physically during this time. We have celebrated this fact and also are just so happy to be married and together. I have included some wedding photos for this article for readers to enjoy as well.

I have already shared some of the things that have happened during the course of our first year in a previous article I wrote that focused on love and loss. We have also shared that we moved and that Krista has started a new job. After a couple months we are mostly, okay like 60% settled in. There are just a couple rooms that we have avoided really unpacking and we do need to get them unpacked and organized, but we just have not prioritized it. Most of it is books, which are heavy and honestly just a pain to unpack. Krista is loving her new job and while on call weeks are rough, so many calls at random hours of the night and day, it has made her happier and I can tell she is enjoying it. My job has been going well and the transition to work from home has been really beneficial for me. I just feel more confident in my ability to get things done and to learn more about what my job is about.

Krista and I exchanging rings in front of my brother, who was our officiant

We have also added to our family even more, though apparently to the detriment of Krista’s allergies. We have Bruni and Chloe our now 1 year old and almost 1 year old pups and we had Oliver, even before we started living together. Right before our move we adopted two male kittens from our Amish neighbors and named them Binx and Bane. They are very high energy, but they love us a lot. Krista has to make sure they don’t sleep on her or she gets very sniffly, but with them just in the house she is okay. I had always wanted a black cat and as kittens Binx and Bane were a bit blacker looking than they are now. They are are still adorable, but more of a dark tiger stripe with orange thrown in. They nap with us a lot when the pups are enjoying outside time or taking naps. Chloe and Bruni are still learning a bit about boundaries with kittens since they are used to the much larger Oliver and not normal sized young cats.

Krista and I sitting in a chair and laughing while our photographer took multiple pictures

With the pandemic showing no sign of stopping we have put off our honeymoon and while we were optimistic about maybe going early 2021 we know realize that isn’t going to happen. We have though been finding ways to enjoy the time we have together by creating sort of honeymoon related fun. For those who might not know we had planned to go to Disneyland and experience Galaxy’s Edge together. Our first date as a couple was to Disney World, which was a trip Krista invited me on before we started dating, and then it turned into a sort of marathon first date. We wanted to relive that fun while also experiencing Disney at Halloween with Star Wars as the focus because Krista was super excited to be able to go inside the Millennium Falcon. When we had still thought we could travel we had started watching YouTube videos that would help us plan our trip and through them we learned about Batuu Bounding, which is like Disney Bounding, but solely for going to Galaxy’s Edge. We bought books to help us learn more about the crafted history of Batuu and we bought clothes that feel very Batuu and Star Wars. While we might not be traveling any time soon we have plans to try out some outfits while doing some Star Wars marathoning.

Krista and I having our first dance

This year has been very different for everyone and while there have been a lot of changes I am just grateful to have Krista in my life as my wife and partner. She is always there for me, supporting me, loving me, and helping me to be a better person. If I did not have her I don’t think I would be who I am now and I treasure every minute I get with her. She is the love of my life and the person that I am happy to quarantine with. I know that no matter what happens throughout our lives that we will always love and care for each other. We can make it through anything as long as we have each other. I look forward to many many more years with Krista as my wife, and one of those years I hope we make it to Batuu.

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