The Bi Line: Queer Horror for a Spooky Evening from @kleffnotes

Are you looking for a queer watch for a spooky night at home? There might not be a lot of queer horror, but I thought I would share some picks for a night at home that are either officially queer or at least queer adjacent. Sometimes you have to stretch a little to get a fuller list so I hope you enjoy these picks. I did leave off movies that I have already mentioned as suggested watching so there are no repeats, even if I do think a particular must watch I mentioned earlier is queer.

The first movie for this list I think is a little obvious, but Jennifer’s Body is my first suggestion. I think Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried are great in this movie. There is banter, action, and some super creepy elements. Plus the two kiss, which makes it as close to officially queer as I can get on this list. We never learn if either character identifies as anything under the queer umbrella, but I am just going to lean into Jennifer at least being actively into girls. She is very possessive of Anita, or Needy as she is more often referred to throughout the movie, and Jennifer’s connection to guys often seems to just be because she can get them to pay attention to her. I like horror way more than my wife Krista and even she enjoyed this movie so if you are looking for something a person not huge into horror might like this one could work for a watch.

This one is only sort of horror in my opinion, but it has so much sexual tension between the two male leads that I couldn’t not put it on this list. Interview with the Vampire is one of those movies where technically the characters are never mentioned as queer, but Louis and Lestat basically create a family and Lestat is remarkably possessive of Louis. The amount of sexual tension between the two of them from the very beginning of the film is really not that subtle and I always just assumed the two were a couple whenever I watched the movie. There are some very creepy moments in the movie, especially after Lestat returns from being left in the swamp, bleck! I watch this one sporadically throughout the year and if you are looking for a movie that isn’t really creepy, but has some scary moments this is a great choice.

For my third and final horror suggestion I do want to say I haven’t watched in ages and I had no clue where you can find it until I started this article. All Cheerleaders Die was a movie I randomly watched before I was even out of the closet and once I started watching it I was surprisingly into it. I am also not the only one who got a queer vibe from this movie and if you search it online there are other articles and podcasts that mention that this movie seems queer. If you like spooky teen themed movies you should definitely try and stream this. You can find it on Shudder and they even have a Queer Horror section, which is super helpful and means I am going to have to expand my horror watching for the rest of the year.

As an honorable mention I am going to say you should watch all of the Underworld movies this month because my mom totally assumed I had a crush on Kate Beckinsale after I insisted I needed to go see the 4th movie in theaters, even though it only had like 2 show times and no one wanted to go with me. Admittedly she is the real selling factor for those movies and also one of the reasons I like the movie Van Helsing. I’d watch that movie with just her, Dracula, and the Brides so if someone wants to make me that edit I would appreciate it.

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