The Bi Line: Make It GAY!! Halloween Edition from @kleffnotes

For this Bi Line I wanted to take the topic of horror and focus on movies that I think were vaguely queer in their presentation of characters, but just didn’t commit. This is my Make it Gay moment for the month and I hope you enjoy some of what I’ll be sharing in this article. Some of these same movies you might have the same opinions for or you might have your own so please feel free to share with me in the comments once you read.

The first movie on this list is the original Scream and my pick for the should be gay characters might surprise you. While I would love Neve Campbell’s character to be the one that works for make it gay, but I would like to argue that Billy Loomis and Stuart are secretly a couple. They do both have girlfriends, but neither really cares about their female significant other. One is actively killed and the other is being hunted the entire movie. Stuart and Billy are literally working together and have planned to actively injure each other, which is only ever presented in the movie franchise again with a heterosexual couple. I honestly think the two are in some sort of romantic pairing and that is the only reason that Stuart trusts Billy to injure him. Now, much like what happens in Scream 4, Billy doesn’t seem really committed to maintaining any long term relationships. I will also say for male characters in a 90s film they have very intimate body language with each other that does not seem entirely common for male characters during this time in horror.

For my next pick I am tying a few movies together, but that is solely because these two characters appear in a variety of movies, both live action and animated, and depending on the versions these two characters I think read very queer. After a bit of a tease, for Scooby Doo fans my make it gay is Velma and Daphne. Now some versions of this don’t entirely work, but in recent years hints have been made at at least Velma being queer, and if you watched Dead to Me you know a Velma has been a queer character. I think that with various incarnations of Daphne the two have had a more couple-y vibe. In the specific Daphne and Velma live action movie the two become very close friends and with no other strong love interests I could see them as young queer kids working it out. In recent animated versions with Fred being made a slightly more comedic foil than anything else, Velma and Daphne spend more time together and a dynamic can exist where they are a couple. It has also been revealed that when the original live action movie was made they had actually planned to make Velma queer, but it was not something they were allowed to go forward with.

My last choice for this list is one I think is pretty obvious and is a movie that I have mentioned as part of my must watches for Halloween, The Craft. I am very sure there are so many people who think that Nancy has a thing for Sarah. The obsession she has with her seems like the sort of crush you have on someone when you are trying to figure out their identity and whether the feelings you have for someone are romantic or not. She literally impersonates Sarah at one point, which seems like the perfect “I don’t know if I want to be you or be with you” sort of moment. From what I saw of the trailer for the remake, The Craft: Legacy, I am actively hoping there are some queer witches in this new take. That is really the only thing that will endear me to the new movie, though I am trying to give it the benefit of the doubt.

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