The Bi Line: A Couple Queer Movie Suggestions from @kleffnotes

Typically I have a hard rule about no Christmas things before Thanksgiving, but last year I made an exception and this year with everything very not normal I decided to throw the rules out the window. After seeing the trailer for Happiest Season I saw someone mention an already released queer holiday movie on Netflix. Krista and I decided to curl up and check it out, which then led to us watching a completely unrelated, beyond the queer women element, almost right after. I thought I would share my thoughts on these two movies and leave you a bit in suspense about what I’m talking about until after the jump.

The first movie we watched was New York Christmas Wedding. I am going to give the movie kudos right away for having a woman of color in the lead role. Nia Fairweather plays Jennifer who is engaged to a man, whose mother is very dedicatedly trying to plan an elaborate Christmas wedding. Jennifer has no interest in this and after the lose of both of her parents and her best friend she doesn’t feel particularly like celebrating the holidays at all, especially with a wedding. She winds up leaving a dinner and going on a run where she meets a young man who walks home with her. When she wakes up the next day she is not in her bedroom, but instead in a room in her old neighborhood with her best friend, both of whom are adults. Jennifer is baffled and very confused, this grows when she learns her father is also alive. When she runs into the man from the night before she learns he is an angel who has given her 48 hours to live a different reality where she told her best friend she loved her and did not cut her out of her life. We watch as she and the best friend, who is her fiancée in this reality, spend the holidays together and try to convince their Catholic priest, both of them attend a Catholic church, to marry them. Now this is not a big budget film and I will say I did have some problems with the plot, it reminded me a bit of The Family Man, which also involved an alternate timeline sort of plot. I liked that Jennifer and Gabrielle, the main character and her best friend, were able to actually be a couple. I also liked seeing Jennifer have feelings for her current male fiancé and her alternate timeline ultimately wife, showcasing that she was interested in more than one gender. It is worth a watch, especially if you are looking for a new Christmas watch that actually focuses on queer couples, but I won’t make it a Christmas staple.

Future Katherine here making a brief edit to this article from the week of Christmas. After watching The Family Man, which New York Christmas Wedding reminded me of, and other new queer holiday movies, I do think this will be something I’ll watch more often. Now again my holiday movie watching is typically December focused, but I do think I will watch this one again next year. Maybe double feature it with The Family Man. I also really like the ending of this one because it makes far more sense to let the lead go back and relive their life to achieve their happier life. I also really appreciate the work that was done to create this movie and the podcast Bad Queers really did a great job of showcasing New York Christmas Wedding.

The other movie we watched had absolutely nothing to do with the holidays, but sounded interesting. We had actually planned to watch a movie with a president in it, we hadn’t decided what movie and somehow typing in president on Amazon resulted in 2 In The Bush: A Love Story being suggested. The algorithm is definitely doing curious things over there, but we started the movie after thinking it sounded a bit like You, Me, Her and were surprised by how much we enjoyed it. Emily finds out her girlfriend has been cheating on her with her male best friend and while this exchange is not great and involves weird percentages, Emily winds up moving in with her friend Rosa. While coping with the breakup she then loses her job and Rosa, who is honestly my favorite character and kind of the best, finds her a job, but it is a little unconventional. Rosa knows a dominatrix who needs an assistant, really just for cleaning and clerical work and Emily jumps at the chance. While there she hooks up with her boss Nikki, which is very definitely a not okay thing, but they do hook up and then start dating. What then happens is a sort of unplanned situation. Emily meets a guy, Ben, who does some work around the dungeon for her boss and also paints, his pieces are on many of the walls, and the two spend time together. She starts seeing Nikki and Ben at the same time and learns from Rosa Nikki and Ben are a couple. The two are in an open relationship and typically don’t date the same people, but they both feel a connection with Emily and the three decide that Emily will date them separately. This plan works for a bit, but when the three sleep together the dynamic changes. Emily feels like an outsider and uses this time to work on growing herself. She gets a new job and makes a documentary, which is her dream, that focuses on sex workers, which is something Nikki opened her eyes to. The documentary at the end is short, but informative. This was a more fun watch than I expected and I actually really enjoyed it. If you are looking for a non-holiday watch that shows relationship navigation, many of the discussions can also be applied to monogamous relationships, then you should check it out on Amazon.

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