The Bi Line: #BiWeek and Characters I Love from @kleffnotes

I almost missed getting an article out for Bi Week since my life is a bit extra busy at the moment, but we made it. A bi is here and she is writing in her bi titled article series for Bi Week, boom! I thought that since this article fell during Bi Week that I would highlight some of my favorite characters from TV that either identify as bi or who, when that character has not used that official term appears to fall within the bi/pan/queer spectrum.

To begin I thought I would highlight a character whose coming out occurred at roughly the same time that I came out, Camille from the sadly cancelled Freeform series Stitchers. For those who are unfamiliar with the show, Camille was the friend and roommate of the main character, Kirsten, who has the ability to stitch into the minds of the recently deceased to help solve their murders. Camille was part of the team who helped her to stitch and during that time she dated Linus, who was also part of the stitch tea, but in the third season the two were no longer dating. In that season Camille met Amanda, the medical examiner for the program and the two hit it off. We saw the two of them begin a relationship, but sadly they did not get to date for very long because of the cancellation. What made me so happy about this particular character was that Camille was played by Allison Scagliotti, who was also my favorite character from Warehouse 13. I allowed me to sort of use her as a vessel to see both characters as bi/queer. When her story aired I was in the midst of figuring out how to come out to my parents and in a more public way and she helped me to have a character I could look at and use as a way to build my confidence.

A more recent character that I wanted to highlight is Sterling from Teenage Bounty Hunters. Now this is one of those shows were I felt like this queer character reveal was a surprise. Sterling and Blair are twin sisters and Blair is the more rebellious of the two. She wears more revealing clothing and is not really into the religious element of their private school. Sterling though is more modest and dedicated to being involved in the youth fellowship program. She also has a long term boyfriend who she has sort of thought she would be together with forever. When the sisters become involved in bounty hunting Sterling starts to evolve. She wants to try new things and with pressure from their parents to take a break after it is revealed that the two have had sex she decides they should completely break up. With some urging from Blair she decides to be more open to seeing if she is interested in anyone else and during a school forensics, this is speech and debate for those who are thinking crime scene investigation like I was initially, competition she comes to the realization that she does like someone, her rival. April Stevens and Sterling used to be friends, but they have been enemies for years, but after realizing she likes her Sterling decides to kiss her. What surprises her is that April actually reciprocates and the two begin secretly dating. After that both girls begin trying to figure out how to deal with their new relationship in a very Red and religious area. I am hoping for a season two and I really want to see how these two characters evolve going forward.

My next example is actually two characters from the show Lucifer. To start off the title character, Lucifer, is shown very early on in the series as very open to anything involving sex. During an episode the officially revealed he had been with male partners through an interrogation scene where everyone who had been with Lucifer during a certain period of time was brought in and one of these people happened to be a guy. After that episode men are periodically shown in larger groups in Lucifer’s apartment and a mention is even made to his having been with men. All of this is handled very casually and none of the women he is with ever mention it as a concern. The other character who we see dating a broad spectrum of people is Maze or Mazikeen. In the fourth season Maze tries to be in a relationship with Eve, but a majority of this involves Eve trying to make Lucifer jealous and not understanding Maze likes her. We have previously seen Maze pursue Amenadiel and also be with various people in a sexual way over the course of the series. I love both of these characters and may have gotten very loud and excited in person and online when Lucifer was officially revealed as being with both men and women.

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You can also find plenty more LGBTQ+ content from me on The Nerdy Girl Express in my Bi Line article series as well as just throughout the site.

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